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My name is Nisha or Guava Girly as my online handle states. A Hong Kong born English girl, studying in the Netherlands, dreaming of some place warmer. This blog is my escapism – and yours too if you wish!

I never intended to start a blog. In fact I actually have a youtube page on which I sporadically upload under the name guava girly. However, recently I have been inspired and want to inspire you guys too. Sometimes I feel incredibly under motivated with youtube because it's so appearance driven. If I have a spot or a bad hair day I feel as though I can't film whereas here I can to a certain extent hide behind my words if I am not comfortable being in front of a lens. I will continue with youtube because videography is a skill I admire and truth be told I LOVE editing. Is that weird? I also love writing, however. My future dream is to be a journalist. I constantly contribute to my college magazine/paper and have done an internship for a newspaper in London. Because I want to get better at writing and I love the difference in creativity between blogging and youtube, well, here I am!

This is a space of positivity where I will be posting about food, my student life and above all my fashion obsessions. Yup, just like many girls who blog I love clothes. However, the IN thing of the moment for me and tbh I think it'll be my love for a long while is bikinis. So yes, this blog will be about something as trivial as bikinis. I will, however, also post my thoughts and opinions relating to the fashion industry too – because lets be honest who doesn't want to read that?

**Any photos are either taken on my iPhone 5C or my Canon G7X, whichever I have to hand** 

In order to contact me about any questions my email is nisha.dillon@gmail.com or again feel free to comment at the bottom of my blog posts. I love reading comments and will happily reply to you all.

Thank you and please enjoy my blog!  

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