Thursday, 14 July 2016

Wish List #2 // Bikini Porn Again??

Hello there folks!

Back again with another post :) this time it is another wish list. You may find this instalment to be a bit.... yellow...

So I have been trying and trying to get hold of the Moana Bikini of my dreams, ie. the lazy runch bottoms and the orange marlin top... but either one or the other or both of them are sold out at any one time when they drop. Gutting. I have dreams about that bright orange/yellow top. More than the colour it also just looks like the most amazing shape that holds your boobs in a perky, natural way.

Since trying repeatedly and failing to get this bikini combo I have been on the look out for other yellowy, golden alternatives to the Moana one, especially since a little bird told me that there are only a few restocks left before the collection changes completely *weeps*. Here is what I have found if you've been diagnosed with yellow bikini fever like myself...

For the hippie and carefree gal...

Amore and Sorvette - yellow/multi crochet bikini

I saw this on A Bikini A Day and fell in LOVE with it. It looks great on Devin Brugman and I was a bit curious to see how it looks on girls with a smaller chest. When you follow through to the website It's Now Cool you can see the bikini in all it's glorious angles

It's just stunning. It sort of mixes some Kiini vibes with She Made Me swimwear plus it's relatively cheap for a designer bikini at only £80. Pretty sweet and I'm seriously thinking of getting this one... 

For the girl wishing she was alive in the 80s...

Gnash Swim- High cut one piece in Punk Orange. 

 (Source: Gnash Swim)
(Source: Gnash Swim Insta) 

Okay I know not technically a bikini but isn't this suit so rad? It practically glows and you're bound to draw the attention of everyone at the beach wearing this thing. Plus once you're done sunning up just shove a denim skirt over the top of it and you've got an awesome outfit to wear out for drinks at the bar with the girls. That low, low back is to die for and I honestly need to stop thinking about it right now before I automatically buy it. It's an Australian brand and sells for $97 AUD a pop. Not too shabby if you ask me.

For the girl who loves every inch of her body and wants the world to know it...

Beach Babe Swimwear - Orabella bikini


This bikini is GORG. From the braided sides to the way the top is crafted, being an over the shoulder top rather than a halter style which for me is more flattering. It's the most perfect marigold colour and is very skimpy. If you wan't to maximise on how tan you are, this is the one for you. You are looking at around the $150 mark for this one which is slightly painful though. 

For the girl who scubas in style...

Triangle Bikini - Devon

(Source: Triangl bikini)

Normally I'm not a balconette fan but this is too stunning not to be in love with it. I'm yet to purchase a bikini from Triangl as there is just so much choice I had no idea when to start. Then this beauty came up online and I'm currently drooling over it. I had heard that Triangl bikini bottoms due to being neoprene were unyielding and gave the effect of looking like you were wearing a diaper. BUT, they now have come out with their new "cheeky" style bottom. Still more coverage than I would call cheeky but it looks like a very flattering shape to me. For this set you are looking at around $100 USD for the lot which isn't too bad for a high end bikini. 

That's all from me folks :) talk soon! 

Monday, 11 July 2016

Okay WOW || Update

So where the fuck have I been? No where really. Just working on a documentary at Uni and got so demotivated with the blog and ran out of ideas. Plus in doing a documentary I became more obsessed with film and wanted to try Youtube again (more on this later). 

Honestly I logged back on with the intention of deleting this as I have before with my YT channel and other long forgotten blogs. But, I suddenly saw that across my various posts I've somehow got a few thousand views. Mainly on my Bikini Body Burn post and my Coulbourne post. Clearly I was being helpful and I don't want to get rid of anything that is helping people. So I'm back to continue this endeavour :) I cannot promise I'll post regularly but I promise I will post. 


  • I have a youtube channel! Once more I'm back on the screen under the username BarefootedNish and maybe I'll try to use it in conjunction with this platform. I so far have one video so why not check it out ...

I'm thinking of changing this blog name to be the same as my YT one so keep an eye out for that!
I also changed my instagram and twitter handle to match my youtube so you can find me @barefootednish :) 

  • Bikini Body Burn- I did keep up with the programme but I didn't finish it. I got ill and never went back to it despite the progress I made on toning up. Buuuuttt I have a holiday coming up in October where I will be lazing around in a bikini so I am starting the toning up again this summer so stay tuned for a progress report on that. 
  • I moved into a LOVELY new room and ditched the shitty friends. Thank god. I was going mental. I will do a room tour video on my YT channel so if you want to see that head on over and subscribe so you don't miss out. 
I think that's about it for updates. My next post will be another swimwear wishlist :) see you in the next one my loves. 

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