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New in: Lena Menstrual Cup

Hello there folks!

It has been a while now so I hope you forgive my absence and I know I really do need to get round to doing an update on my Bikini Body Burn experience (which I will when I can do the post justice in terms of information and fully developed opinion) but today I received a new menstrual cup! 

Today I will be showing you the Lena Cup. 

First things first, I don't hate my Lunette Cup by any means. I stand by my positively radiant review of it. But you know when you just think "wow this is good, great in fact, but can it get any better?" Yeah. So I ordered the Lena Cup with plans to order more in the future. You see, I am a total convert to reusable menstrual products (RUMPs) and wonder what the hell I was doing before them in all honesty. I will be doing more reviews of them in the future so if you have any cups that you are dying to know more about then fling your requests my way! 

So why did I go for the Lena Cup next you ask? Well you're right it is a relatively new cup on the market but the reasons I went for the Lena next is because I thought my "goldilocks" cup would be one that is slightly firmer than the Lunette cup. If you are new to this, women with firm pelvic floor muscles sometimes find that softer cups don't open up well inside them or get crushed throughout the day and I was having to spend some time getting my Lunette to open for me. So I did my research (do not underestimate this!!! I was hours on the internet scouring the web for info on firmer cups). My research found that the Lena was a great firm cup without being a rock for lack of a better word. 

Also it is a tulip or bell shaped cup which I wanted to try in comparison to the V shape of the Lunette cup. Some shapes work better for different people. 

The only way I could get hold of it being in the EU was on Precious Stars Pads webshop where she sells cloth pads and other cups. She ships internationally which is fab but if you are a luck US babe then amazon is the place for you! 

When my cup arrived it was in two boxes, the first just a normal brown post box and then inside that the Lena Cup box. I was disappointed to see that the box was a bit damaged:

...but the seal wasn't broken so no real worries here. 

I got the Lena Cup size small as I have a light to moderate flow but in all honesty you should be okay with either size if you are that confused. Sometimes they judge it on your age and whether you've birthed a child but it really is down to preference and what works for you in the end.

I've heard some people say they hate the little cases the Lena Cup comes in because they look vile but mine is very pretty. It must just be luck of the draw but I am very pleased with my cup bag

Inside the box you get the cup, the case, the instruction manual and a little card where you can share a discount code which I will put at the end of the post. 

I have to say the instruction manual for the Lena Cup is brilliant they really have thought of everything. This is most likely down to the involvement of the Bryony from the Youtube channel Precious Stars Pads, the guru of RUMPs. 

Down to the actual cup I think I will really like it. Medical grade silicone just like the Lunette and other cups which is great. It is definitely firmer that my Lunette cup although I would say the firmness is more at the top of the cup and the base is slight more squishy in my opinion most likely making it easier to remove (some firm cups can hurt to take out or are hard to break the seal). It holds about 25ml much like other 'small' versions of cups who all hold around the 20 ish mark. 

The grip rings on both the stem and the base of the cup are extremely prominent even more so than the Lunette I would say. Without having tried it I think for me this is going to be a good thing as sometimes with the added lubrication of menstrual blood a good grip can be hard to achieve when removing menstrual cups. That being said, be aware if you are extremely sensitive down there are they seem like they could irritate menstrual cup users with this condition. 

The stem of the cup while very similar to the Lunette is actually less stretchy which is a definite plus. The amount of times I have pinged myself with the Lunette stem would make you cringe! As someone who keeps their stems on their cups this is a huge deal for me haha. The stem is still very flexible though for those wondering. 

I also notice that the air holes at the top are very nicely finished off. It looks to me as they are constructed as a part of the construction of the cup so they are extremely neat and perfected. The Lunette's air holes look like they are done in post-production so while they are pretty uniform on one of mine it looks slightly as though it is incompletely hammered through. This is pretty negligible however as my Lunette has always formed a good seal and I clean it very thoroughly. 

There are no measuring lines on the Lena which I would appreciate as I am always interested in measuring my flow but these lines can be hard to clean so it is understandable as to why they are absent. 

The silicone on the Lena feels glorious much like the Lunette. They both have a matte, grippy kind of silicone feel (if that makes any sense). 

All in all I am very excited to try out this cup! Some quick initial pros and cons for those of you dying to know...

+ Well made and great quality silicone
+ Firm for easy opening 
+ Folds up small very well for easy insertion
+ Prominent grip rings 
+ Less stretchy stem
+ Beautiful bag & beautiful cup
+ Brilliant instructions manual

– Might be too firm for sensitive people 
– Only comes in pink 
– No measuring lines
– I still might prefer a less flexible stem

Thank you for reading guys and I will update you on this cup in the near future!

Discount code for american customers:
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