Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Review: Lush Solid Shampoo Bar - Seanik

Since getting my hair cut with more layers in it and since my obsessing over model and instagram sensation, Alexis Ren, my quest for beautiful beachy hair is seemingly endless.

I am well acquainted with salt sprays as you well know from a previous post but I do find that too many consecutive days of overloading my hair with spray leaves my hair getting greasier quicker. I also find that the current climate of the Netherlands being extremely cold, rainy and windy means my scalp is going overboard on the oil production. My normal shampoo just has not been cutting the mustard lately so I ventured into my local Lush store.

I'd heard about their solid shampoos before and at first wasn't interested in trying them. They looked like a total hassle and, me being like most of us here, I am a creature of habit. Venturing from liquid shampoos to the solid variety seemed to me like too much of a change and a weird thing to be doing when I have a perfectly functional normal detergent for my locks. However, recently I looked at what kind of crap was in my average shampoo and I was shocked!

I don't know if you've ever looked at just how many ingredients are in your average shampoo but there are a lot and I have an increasingly sensitive scalp. So when I looked into vegan alternatives for shampoos in order to get both an ethical alternative and one which would do well to combat grease I was pleasantly surprised to find Lush met both those requirements with a relatively simply made up shampoo bar.

Lush Seanik

I settled for trying Lush's Seanik to begin with as it has the most positive reviews. 

Things I loved:
  1. The smell is great! Almost citrusy and quite unisex for people that share shampoos across the sexes. 
  2. It lathers up extremely well and then washes away with NO residue. Incredible considering it's vegan I was convinced it would either be not foamy at all or too heavy. It was perfect. 
  3. While at first you think it dries your hair out it's actually very gentle. Quite good for a dry scalp although not entirely the best. It leaves your hair with plenty of volume which is great if you're after a beachy effect like I am. 
  4. The packaging is so small which is perfect for travelling. 
  5. If I'm travelling and don't want to take much I find this double up perfectly as a body soap for shaving. I have sensitive skin and this was no bother. 

Things I didn't love quite so much:
  1. Takes a while to dry the product after use. If you don't dry it, it sticks to its case and makes a bit of a mess. However, just leave it to dry in the lid of it's case for a couple hours and it's fine!
  2. Not as conditioning as some shampoos are. 
  3. While it is gentle enough on my dry scalp it could do more to banish flakiness. 

All in all I think this is a very good shampoo. It's perfect for everyday if you're into daily hair washing and it does the beachy job I was after. I would award it a 7.5/10

Have a good rest of the week folks!

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