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Bikini Inbox // Coulbourne Bikini Review

Hey there!

Yeah I know I haven't really spoken much. Uni deadlines, general laziness blah blah. 

The important thing is I'm back with a new post! And this one is a doozy. 

I mentioned a few posts back that I ordered a Coulbourne Bikini and it FINALLY arrived. 

A little while ago the bikini I wanted went out of stock in my size in both colours much to my dismay but a week after they were back on preorder and I wasn't going to hesitate this time. I went for it and it said it would ship in 3 weeks which is a long ass time but it went by pretty quickly. 

Firstly, the delivery is so fast! I've mentioned before I live in the Netherlands and I was expecting an order from the U.S to take a while, but all the way from L.A to me took 2 days total. Absolutely fantastic. Also you get a tracking number so it ticks all the boxes for me in terms of delivery. 

Here is the new addition to my bikini family: The Coulbourne Bond Bikini

I know. It's awesome. 

The top is a utility-style crop bralet while the bottoms are – let's be honest – a thong. Believe me my ever pale butt cheeks are cringing right now but with the right tan and maybe a few squats, this swimsuit is going to be all business in the front, party in the back. 

Let's have a closer look: Bottoms

These bottoms are very sleek. They aren't seamless which may put some people off but I think given the style of the top and the set as a whole that being seamless isn't a necessity and these bottoms really do feel like they with stay put if a wave hits at the wrong angle. They actually offer quite modest coverage in the front and they aren't cut too high on the sides so they feel very safe and secure and I don't think they will be flashing anything untoward on the beach. 

The bottoms feature a cross on the back:

Here comes some bikini politics so feel free to skip ahead!
One thing Coulbourne have drawn criticism about recently is that while their original Bond style suits were made in the Philippines and featured a stitched cross on the back of the bottoms, they switched their manufacturers to be in L.A. and a second batch was produced with a printed cross on the back. This second batch was reportedly not as good quality as the newer suits and I guess due to some comments they have switched back their manufacturers to the Philippines which means the stitches are back. YAY. 


The top, however, doesn't have a cross anywhere on it and as said before features a zip down the front which does come fully undone so watch out for that. Having said that the zip is secure so I don't think it'll come undone of its own accord. 
It is also double lined which adds support and some extra coverage in case you're worried about nipples showing through or anything like that. 
It definitely is suited more to smaller chested people so please keep this in mind! It kind of squishes and compresses the girls so they are definitely held right in place much like a sports bra so some women may feel they are being flattened. I really don't mind this though as I'm not about maximising chest size. 


Here is the important stuff for you guys. 

In U.S sizing I'm almost always a size 0-2 and I pretty much always get an XS whenever I buy bottoms. However, I didn't order the XS as I had heard that Coulbourne run small and I would agree. On bottoms I would suggest perhaps ordering a size up from normal as you may find the sides dig in on your hips or your tummy which is never fun. I ordered the S in bottoms and they are honestly perfect on me. If you are really stuck on sizing, measure the point on your hips where you want the bottoms to sit and then ask for the exact measurements from customer service. 

For the top their size chart don't make any sense when it comes to actual women's sizing so I will try to be exact. I almost ordered an XS but I am really glad I didn't. I ended up going with the S and that just fits perfectly but any more boob and it really wouldn't. I am a 30C bra size in the UK and occasionally a 32B if I can't find a 30. A 32C/34B on the small side is your absolute limit in my opinion with this top unless you want a 4 boob effect or breathing problems – and even a small 32C will find there is a definite sports bra like push up effect in a S. AA & A cups will have no trouble with this size or the XS it will just depend on your band size. It is quite stretchy so with band sizes it's quite straight forward, it's just when you have larger melons going in it gets a bit tricky. 

Larger chested ie 32DD-E + women probably will have a hard time getting any of the sizes to fit I'm afraid but there is an alternative from ASOS which is very similar in the 'fuller bust' range shown below:

ASOS Fuller bust bikini top. 

I adore my bikini from Coulbourne. It's so badass and despite being expensive I would buy from them again. I often find a lot of bikinis are not my style and really type cast women into wearing florals and pastel shades and neon when that isn't every woman's thing. With this bikini I feel like Lara Croft on holiday or like a Bond girl – very fitting with the name of the bikini. 

With that, I leave you folks! I hope you enjoy your week. 
Comment below what you think or any questions! x


  1. thanks for this! i have quite a few coulbourne pieces so I'm tempted to get this one and will get the small then.

  2. hey! I'm a 32C, would you say I could fit a small?


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