Sunday, 21 February 2016

UPDATE// Ramble, ramble, ramble

There have been some things going on...

1. You may notice I have changed my name from GuavaGirlie to Nixxha. I do have my reasons I promise. For one I felt that guavagirlie, while I love fruit, didn't encapsulate me as a person. In my real life I am mature and thoughtful. I initially chose the first name because I don't really want to be found immediately by people I know just yet. I have switched to Nixxha because it kind of looks like my real name and is more mature yet also more open and in short is just more me :) I have changed my name on all my social media now to be the same so it is also more cohesive. 

2. I deleted my youtube channel and made a new one. Once I started this blog I completely neglected my youtube channel and deleted a load of my videos that I was no longer happy with. Then yesterday I took the plunge to completely start again. I deleted my remaining video and came up with a fresh channel. I love creating videos and I love being able to talk to a camera and I also love editing so I don't want to give it up entirely. You guys on my blog will be the first to hear about it when I do, but very soon I will begin uploading again to my new youtube channel. 
I wont be uploading to a schedule. At least not until I know I can do it because I do not want to make false promises. I want to upload videos that I am happy with and document my life and not be pressured by the YT status quo to be a certain way. On my youtube I am going to be entirely me and if you would like to get to know me on a slightly more personal sense then you are welcome to go and check me out. I will still be blogging here and the topics on which I create youtube videos and then blog will differ from each other slightly. On my youtube I want to do hauls and fashion videos but ones that are really my style and book videos and vlogs and storytimes and stuff that I want to rewatch in the future. On here I will do reviews of bikini brands and other summer related products I don't want to include on my YT I will do opinion blog posts on here and most likely not on my Youtube. I am going to find a balance that suits me most importantly. I really don't want to be labelled into beauty guru, fashion guru, daily vlogger. I want to be doing my own thing and a mix of everything like a friend you just happen to watch videos instead of call and chat. 

3. I finally caved and bought the Coulbourne Bond bikini in black... I know. I know. It is on pre-order right now in case you were also disheartened at many sizes selling out fast. It should arrive some time in March and when that happens I will be sure to blog about it for you all! 

4. As you know from my latest post I bought Bikini Body Burn and I will be doing update posts on that as soon as I have been following the programme for a while and have developed some thoughts on the actual working out. 
If you read my previous post you'll know that I didn't quite agree with the nutritional advice so I will also be including my own food diaries/food options if you don't want to eat meat or you want to still eat plenty of simple carbohydrates and complex ones throughout the day. 

I hope this ramble wasn't too boring but I had all this stuff on my mind that I needed to get out there. Have a great Sunday! 

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