Friday, 26 February 2016

The Best Swimsuit Style For Your Body Shape!

Nothing angers me more than the above sentence. 

Why are writers for magazines such as Cosmo and the like heralded as the gospel when it comes to advice on what swimsuit to buy this coming season? 

When I am in the market for a new bikini and I pick up a magazine or open a blog post, the one thing I don't want to read is that I can't wear something as a result of my body type. 

I want to hear that big, bold patterns are in this season or that crochet is your new friend for looking bang on trend. Or perhaps that colours are out and monochrome is in or that yellow is the new black. 
Instead we are bombarded like this:

Followed by some "rules" to follow depending on what your body type is. YUCK!

Enough is enough. 

I'm sick of reading that so called "apple" body types should hide their stomachs or downplay their larger breasts in proportion to their smaller hips. I am sick of reading that in general women who are larger might want to not wear bikinis at all. It is a travesty that we tell smaller chested women to downplay their hips and wear overly embellished and ruffles bikini tops, most likely containing more push up than space to put said breasts, in order to create more bust. What if these women like their small bust or their small hips or their larger body type or the fact that their proportions aren't "balanced". Some women do have the hourglass figure these magazines want us to aim for but some women to not want to obtain them. 

I understand we all have our parts of our body we wish were bigger or smaller or not there or there. But to then preach to all women that they are lacking something in order to be more attractive is crazy.

My breasts are small and I am going to be rocking some bikini tops that don't do anything to enhance them this summer because I don't think there is anything wrong with them. 

My friend is nowhere near toned and she is going to wear those tiny, thong-butt bikini bottoms when it hits July because she damn well can and she looks great in them too!

If you feel that your stomach is the kind that these magazines would have you cover up go and try on that gorgeous two-piece swimsuit you have always wanted to buy and wear and you might surprise yourself and realise that you don't need to cover up to feel more confident.  

The one thing I cannot abide is this preaching of a certain body type when above all else we should be preaching health and self love. Yes work out and eat healthy, but don't feel ashamed of your body if you don't. 

It doesn't help that a lot of the luxe swimsuit brands that are extremely trendy, yes the ones I talk about, have little diversity in sizes. Even if they do carry larger sizes the majority of the bikinis run on the smaller side so size L comes up more of a medium than large. This doesn't affect me as I pretty much am an XS and S in most things but I feel that women who do require a larger size are not catered for in the cool trendy bikini scene and it just amplifies this "are you in the cool crowd?" vibe that should have been left at high school. Do not let these brands forget that they are excluding a huge section of their demographic. 

The point I am trying to make is never feel that you have to disguise or camouflage your body just because some magazine tells you that you are out of proportion or "too [insert insult]". 

Go try on that bikini. Do not feel ashamed. Don't let magazines be mean to you. 

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