Friday, 5 February 2016

New Haircut // How to get a hairdresser to do what you want

Hello again my lovelies. Happy Friday to you all!

I mentioned in a couple of my last posts that I was going to get my hair cut in order to pull myself out of the style rut I was in. And boy oh boy did it work! I feel fabulous but at the same time I know how daunting the act of entrusting your locks to the hands of a maniac with scissors can be. We all know the story with the majority of hairdressers ...

I hear you, I hear you. I also had the added task of finding a hairdresser who spoke good enough English to understand that I want a nice hairstyle not a buzzcut. I live in the Netherlands in Maastricht and I do not speak Dutch. So I got a recommendation from my friend to check out Jason Marmann, booked an appointment and hauled my ass over there this afternoon. 

(Jason Marmann salon Maastricht, photo from Facebook page)

I went in mildly terrified and was greeted warmly. Immediately Jason came over and asked what he could do for me and luckily I came prepared... 

Tip: Prepare a photo or photo collage of inspiration for them to get an idea of what you're after. Then also ask for their advice and their expert opinion. Get them to talk you through their plans following what you've said you're after and let them know what you are/are not comfortable with. 

I showed Jason this collage I made of Alexis Ren's hair from all different angles and view points (feel free to take this photo and use it yourself). I am extremely inspired by her hair right now and wanted a version that would suit me and not lose it's style/shape over time. 

I then stated that I also wanted to be able to put my hair up in a ponytail so layers that are too short would be a nuisance and also disclosed that, while I like my ears, they stick out so if the layers were too short they would poke through. I also mentioned key words such as 'long, shaggy layers" "face framing" and "beachy" and also asked him to make it suit my face shape. He got what I said instantly and sent me to get my hair washed which was great. 

After a good wash he got to work. I had hair half way down my back which was a blunt cut. No layers or face framing to speak of. He cut about an inch or so off to begin with and told me that would be the longest length at the back. I was prepared for shorter so this was good. Then he did the layers. 

One hair disclaimer is that I have A LOT of hair. I mean it. The guy who washed my hair said "hey, you have a lot of hair" then Jason stated "wow, fantastic hair". Over the course of an hour he went from "okay, this is a lot of hair" to "i'm sorry but you have too much hair". All this I know because it is a huge trial trying to brush it every day. Normally I don't bother but shh. 

He decided to use one of these bad boys:

Which is a hair thinning blade. Only from the lengths from the ends of my ear down as requested to avoid a peeping ear situation. This meant that my hair has more volume at the roots and actually gets some movement at the bottom. (Normally my hair just hangs there, heavy and lanky). My hair is much lighter now but at the roots still packs a punch. 

He then moved to the front of my head and did the framing pieces and made sure they could still be tucked behind my ears and that the layers gradually got longer around my face so it wasn't a chunky curtain side fringe deal. 

The end result is:

If you excuse my derp face! 

I am extremely happy with it. Lots of layers and bouncy movement and just the perfect interpretation of what I showed him. Very pleased and perfect for growing out and still looking stylish too!

If you're around Maastricht and want an awesome cut (and awesome colour work too) please check out Jason Marmann and follow the link to their Facebook page here . You can also say that I (Nisha) sent you in order to get 10% off your service. 

Have a great weekend guys! 

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