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Bikni Body Burn // First impressions

Hi there guys!

Many of you by now will have heard of the brand Moana Bikini through one way or another.


Founded in 2011 by Karina Irby, the designer of the most gorgeous patterns that adorn this swimwear, the brand has been making a name for itself in the hot list. A testimony to that is that for many of the restock drops they have many of their most wanted styles sell out in minutes.
I have yet to get my hands on a full Moana Bikini but right now I do have my eye on a pair of rather lovely runch bottoms which look a little something like this...

I must say I love the bracelet the model is wearing in that photo... but onto the main topic of discussion. 

Moana Bikini doesn't just sell itself as a bikini brand but now also a lifestyle. Everyone wants to look like those Moana girls – and also the creator herself who looks pretty fine too. Well, now you can! With the bikini body guide known as Bikini Body Burn. 

(From Moana Bikini. com)

This is a 12 week plan packed with nutrition tips and workout plans that will take your body from what it is now to it's full potential which will be stronger, healthier and toned. 

I have been eyeing up this guide for about two weeks now, pretty reluctant to purchase it for a number of reasons. The first being that the guide is around the €20 ish mark (AUD$34), and since I have already planned myself a regime I didn't want to go through the expense. BUT, around a week ago I found myself demotivated from working out and I had ordered takeout more times that week than I care to admit. I began looking at free workout plans and other options such as Kayla Itsines' Bikini Body guide. To say the words out loud: I was lost! And I needed a guide. 

When I evaluated the options out there for me I realised that the free options were lacking in a kind of plan or system that was easy to follow and in researching Kayla Itsines' programme I found that to be insanely expensive for someone on a student budget. especially someone with a new found expensive bikini addiction. So the only option I kept coming back to was Karina Irby's Bikini Body Burn. So I took the plunge and bought it. 

(From Karina Irby's Instagram)

This blog post is going to be on my first impressions having just bought it and then I will be doing updates after every section of the guide. It is important to note that I will not be posting pictures of the pages of the guide. It is not fair to those that have worked hard producing it so if you are here for a freebie of it I am afraid you will be disappointed. 

The first thing I note is that it is EXTREMELY colourful. I know you are not meant to judge a book by it's cover but to hell with that. It is gorgeous and with some beautiful pictures of the woman herself, Karina, it is the perfect selling point. Now the first lot of pages are info on how they formulated the guide and explanation that any advice is not personal etc. 

Lets get into what I loved and questioned about this guide upon a first look:

I love that it has advice for the reader as well as what Karina did. The trainer who collaborated on this guide is Karina's personal trainer and it is almost as if we are getting a sneak peak into her personal routines. The goals are very strength and confidence oriented too and make a clear point of not promoting weight loss as a goal. Instead the body measurements are based on photos and actually using a tape measure rather than a weight on a scale. 

Another thing I appreciate is how "tough love" this guide is. It wont sugar coat it for you, toning and strength building is hard work. But, we should learn to love the hard work and love what our body can do. 

One thing that I think is great for girls that are very concerned about weight gain is that it does explain that gaining in certain areas is a really good thing and that muscle does weigh more than fat. If you are slender to begin with, like me, then gaining weight will probably happen and there is no shame in that. 

It then goes on to give nutritional guidance. Now, I always knew I would be taking this area with a pinch of salt (pun intended). Being a new vegan and with no mind to give up this lifestyle I knew there would be recommendations to eat animal proteins which I would be passing up on. However the meat thing aside, I have noticed that this book seems to promote an exclusively protein dominant diet for the beginning section. I understand that this is to make gains in muscle and a high protein diet will do that for you but carbohydrates seem to be entirely lacking apart from in an evening meal and when they are present they are in minute quantities. Protein rich, yes for making muscle gains, but carbohydrate lacking I am not sure I agree with. There is an explanation that even with simple carbohydrates such as fruit and more complex ones such as potatoes and pastas and bread, if you are not eating these at the right times then you will store it as fat. 

I do understand this thought process and it does make a lot of sense if that is only what you hear, however with the kind of intense exercise suggested I highly doubt that will be an issue. The only reason I can see why this would be suggested is so that results can be seen quickly and because a lot of calories are coming from animal protein products such as yoghurts and beef and eggs. I really don't mind about seeing quick results since I am already slender I just need to be toned, plus I am in this for the LONG TERM. So for that reason I will for sure be having lots of fruits in the morning and a heap of pasta (why is pasta not allowed?) in the evening with lots of proteins coming from plant based foods (-i.e lentils, chickpeas, tofu, dark leafy greens and veggies and quinoa.)

That being said, by all means follow the nutrition plan because clearly people are seeing results from it. I know that even though I will not be following the nutrition 100%, I will still be taking lots of the info from it on food content and I know that I already eat healthy for me. IF HOWEVER, you eat lots of unhealthy crap food and don't feel that you can turn vegan over night then follow the Bikini body Burn plan as it is tough love and doesn't have the tolerance for you to eat crappy food ;) 

Onto the fitness aspect. 

Yes! it has a work out dictionary with incredibly informative pictures! This I LOVE. Finally I know what people who speak in fitness jargon are going on about. I suggest you give the dictionary a read through before you start the plan so you know what you will be doing and then before you start the workout, read through what is expected so you aren't stopping and starting too much when you don't need to be although it also has the pictures of the exercises within the workout plan also just to be extra amazing. 

This workout plan looks great. It has put in rest times, all the material you need plus substitutes for some equipment that you may not be able to get. It also assumes that you wont be doing this in the gym which is fantastic since I personally cannot stand the gym. I like my workouts to be just be there in my own space so I can not feel intimidated. Plus, from having done one day of the plan it seems to be done in sections of intensity. You can work up to your bikini body. The first section is ready in which you are kind of laying the grounds and getting your body up to speed. I like to think of this as briefing my body of what is soon going to happen to it. After two weeks the section changes to set in which you are really putting the work into changing and toning your body and creating this new and fitter shape and you do this for four weeks. Then the last phase is booty which lasts 6 weeks and we can all guess what happens there. 

Considering it is only a 12 week guide there is a lot of diversity in work outs and I am sure I wont get bored. 

I can't say too much on the workouts since I have literally just started and this is a first impressions but so far this is looking like a great little booty bible to have on hand for my workouts. As I said before, I will be posting updates on this guide along with my progress and after the 12 weeks I will give a full comprehensive review. After the 12 weeks I will most likely continue to use this to guide my workouts but we shall see. I am looking forward to reporting back!


  1. How has it been going? I'm really contemplating getting this guide, but I'm unsure if I'll like it. Thoughts?

    1. Hiya! I actually have really been enjoying it. So far I've toned up a fair bit on my bum and tum. I will do an update when I have the time to dedicate enough time to a good post but for now I will say that as a complete noob when it comes to exercise this has been a godsend. Before I had no idea how to exercise but with this I really know what to do. Like I said in the post I'm vegan so I have been having to do the diet stuff on my own but if you aren't vegan I can imagine you really loving the diet info too as people on instagram following it word for word have had great results!

    2. Thank you! I'm totally going to take the plunge! #wishmeluck

  2. Replies
    1. Yup! $35 Australian Dollars :) which I think is very good value for a fitness book like this.

  3. I totally agree. I'm trying to find a picture or something that shows me what all I need to have. If you find something can you send me the link please.

  4. I totally agree. I'm trying to find a picture or something that shows me what all I need to have. If you find something can you send me the link please.

  5. what equipment do you need to do the workouts?

  6. Kayla's 'Bikini Body Guide' always works.



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