Friday, 26 February 2016

The Best Swimsuit Style For Your Body Shape!

Nothing angers me more than the above sentence. 

Why are writers for magazines such as Cosmo and the like heralded as the gospel when it comes to advice on what swimsuit to buy this coming season? 

When I am in the market for a new bikini and I pick up a magazine or open a blog post, the one thing I don't want to read is that I can't wear something as a result of my body type. 

I want to hear that big, bold patterns are in this season or that crochet is your new friend for looking bang on trend. Or perhaps that colours are out and monochrome is in or that yellow is the new black. 
Instead we are bombarded like this:

Followed by some "rules" to follow depending on what your body type is. YUCK!

Enough is enough. 

I'm sick of reading that so called "apple" body types should hide their stomachs or downplay their larger breasts in proportion to their smaller hips. I am sick of reading that in general women who are larger might want to not wear bikinis at all. It is a travesty that we tell smaller chested women to downplay their hips and wear overly embellished and ruffles bikini tops, most likely containing more push up than space to put said breasts, in order to create more bust. What if these women like their small bust or their small hips or their larger body type or the fact that their proportions aren't "balanced". Some women do have the hourglass figure these magazines want us to aim for but some women to not want to obtain them. 

I understand we all have our parts of our body we wish were bigger or smaller or not there or there. But to then preach to all women that they are lacking something in order to be more attractive is crazy.

My breasts are small and I am going to be rocking some bikini tops that don't do anything to enhance them this summer because I don't think there is anything wrong with them. 

My friend is nowhere near toned and she is going to wear those tiny, thong-butt bikini bottoms when it hits July because she damn well can and she looks great in them too!

If you feel that your stomach is the kind that these magazines would have you cover up go and try on that gorgeous two-piece swimsuit you have always wanted to buy and wear and you might surprise yourself and realise that you don't need to cover up to feel more confident.  

The one thing I cannot abide is this preaching of a certain body type when above all else we should be preaching health and self love. Yes work out and eat healthy, but don't feel ashamed of your body if you don't. 

It doesn't help that a lot of the luxe swimsuit brands that are extremely trendy, yes the ones I talk about, have little diversity in sizes. Even if they do carry larger sizes the majority of the bikinis run on the smaller side so size L comes up more of a medium than large. This doesn't affect me as I pretty much am an XS and S in most things but I feel that women who do require a larger size are not catered for in the cool trendy bikini scene and it just amplifies this "are you in the cool crowd?" vibe that should have been left at high school. Do not let these brands forget that they are excluding a huge section of their demographic. 

The point I am trying to make is never feel that you have to disguise or camouflage your body just because some magazine tells you that you are out of proportion or "too [insert insult]". 

Go try on that bikini. Do not feel ashamed. Don't let magazines be mean to you. 

Sunday, 21 February 2016

UPDATE// Ramble, ramble, ramble

There have been some things going on...

1. You may notice I have changed my name from GuavaGirlie to Nixxha. I do have my reasons I promise. For one I felt that guavagirlie, while I love fruit, didn't encapsulate me as a person. In my real life I am mature and thoughtful. I initially chose the first name because I don't really want to be found immediately by people I know just yet. I have switched to Nixxha because it kind of looks like my real name and is more mature yet also more open and in short is just more me :) I have changed my name on all my social media now to be the same so it is also more cohesive. 

2. I deleted my youtube channel and made a new one. Once I started this blog I completely neglected my youtube channel and deleted a load of my videos that I was no longer happy with. Then yesterday I took the plunge to completely start again. I deleted my remaining video and came up with a fresh channel. I love creating videos and I love being able to talk to a camera and I also love editing so I don't want to give it up entirely. You guys on my blog will be the first to hear about it when I do, but very soon I will begin uploading again to my new youtube channel. 
I wont be uploading to a schedule. At least not until I know I can do it because I do not want to make false promises. I want to upload videos that I am happy with and document my life and not be pressured by the YT status quo to be a certain way. On my youtube I am going to be entirely me and if you would like to get to know me on a slightly more personal sense then you are welcome to go and check me out. I will still be blogging here and the topics on which I create youtube videos and then blog will differ from each other slightly. On my youtube I want to do hauls and fashion videos but ones that are really my style and book videos and vlogs and storytimes and stuff that I want to rewatch in the future. On here I will do reviews of bikini brands and other summer related products I don't want to include on my YT I will do opinion blog posts on here and most likely not on my Youtube. I am going to find a balance that suits me most importantly. I really don't want to be labelled into beauty guru, fashion guru, daily vlogger. I want to be doing my own thing and a mix of everything like a friend you just happen to watch videos instead of call and chat. 

3. I finally caved and bought the Coulbourne Bond bikini in black... I know. I know. It is on pre-order right now in case you were also disheartened at many sizes selling out fast. It should arrive some time in March and when that happens I will be sure to blog about it for you all! 

4. As you know from my latest post I bought Bikini Body Burn and I will be doing update posts on that as soon as I have been following the programme for a while and have developed some thoughts on the actual working out. 
If you read my previous post you'll know that I didn't quite agree with the nutritional advice so I will also be including my own food diaries/food options if you don't want to eat meat or you want to still eat plenty of simple carbohydrates and complex ones throughout the day. 

I hope this ramble wasn't too boring but I had all this stuff on my mind that I needed to get out there. Have a great Sunday! 

Friday, 19 February 2016

Bikni Body Burn // First impressions

Hi there guys!

Many of you by now will have heard of the brand Moana Bikini through one way or another.


Founded in 2011 by Karina Irby, the designer of the most gorgeous patterns that adorn this swimwear, the brand has been making a name for itself in the hot list. A testimony to that is that for many of the restock drops they have many of their most wanted styles sell out in minutes.
I have yet to get my hands on a full Moana Bikini but right now I do have my eye on a pair of rather lovely runch bottoms which look a little something like this...

I must say I love the bracelet the model is wearing in that photo... but onto the main topic of discussion. 

Moana Bikini doesn't just sell itself as a bikini brand but now also a lifestyle. Everyone wants to look like those Moana girls – and also the creator herself who looks pretty fine too. Well, now you can! With the bikini body guide known as Bikini Body Burn. 

(From Moana Bikini. com)

This is a 12 week plan packed with nutrition tips and workout plans that will take your body from what it is now to it's full potential which will be stronger, healthier and toned. 

I have been eyeing up this guide for about two weeks now, pretty reluctant to purchase it for a number of reasons. The first being that the guide is around the €20 ish mark (AUD$34), and since I have already planned myself a regime I didn't want to go through the expense. BUT, around a week ago I found myself demotivated from working out and I had ordered takeout more times that week than I care to admit. I began looking at free workout plans and other options such as Kayla Itsines' Bikini Body guide. To say the words out loud: I was lost! And I needed a guide. 

When I evaluated the options out there for me I realised that the free options were lacking in a kind of plan or system that was easy to follow and in researching Kayla Itsines' programme I found that to be insanely expensive for someone on a student budget. especially someone with a new found expensive bikini addiction. So the only option I kept coming back to was Karina Irby's Bikini Body Burn. So I took the plunge and bought it. 

(From Karina Irby's Instagram)

This blog post is going to be on my first impressions having just bought it and then I will be doing updates after every section of the guide. It is important to note that I will not be posting pictures of the pages of the guide. It is not fair to those that have worked hard producing it so if you are here for a freebie of it I am afraid you will be disappointed. 

The first thing I note is that it is EXTREMELY colourful. I know you are not meant to judge a book by it's cover but to hell with that. It is gorgeous and with some beautiful pictures of the woman herself, Karina, it is the perfect selling point. Now the first lot of pages are info on how they formulated the guide and explanation that any advice is not personal etc. 

Lets get into what I loved and questioned about this guide upon a first look:

I love that it has advice for the reader as well as what Karina did. The trainer who collaborated on this guide is Karina's personal trainer and it is almost as if we are getting a sneak peak into her personal routines. The goals are very strength and confidence oriented too and make a clear point of not promoting weight loss as a goal. Instead the body measurements are based on photos and actually using a tape measure rather than a weight on a scale. 

Another thing I appreciate is how "tough love" this guide is. It wont sugar coat it for you, toning and strength building is hard work. But, we should learn to love the hard work and love what our body can do. 

One thing that I think is great for girls that are very concerned about weight gain is that it does explain that gaining in certain areas is a really good thing and that muscle does weigh more than fat. If you are slender to begin with, like me, then gaining weight will probably happen and there is no shame in that. 

It then goes on to give nutritional guidance. Now, I always knew I would be taking this area with a pinch of salt (pun intended). Being a new vegan and with no mind to give up this lifestyle I knew there would be recommendations to eat animal proteins which I would be passing up on. However the meat thing aside, I have noticed that this book seems to promote an exclusively protein dominant diet for the beginning section. I understand that this is to make gains in muscle and a high protein diet will do that for you but carbohydrates seem to be entirely lacking apart from in an evening meal and when they are present they are in minute quantities. Protein rich, yes for making muscle gains, but carbohydrate lacking I am not sure I agree with. There is an explanation that even with simple carbohydrates such as fruit and more complex ones such as potatoes and pastas and bread, if you are not eating these at the right times then you will store it as fat. 

I do understand this thought process and it does make a lot of sense if that is only what you hear, however with the kind of intense exercise suggested I highly doubt that will be an issue. The only reason I can see why this would be suggested is so that results can be seen quickly and because a lot of calories are coming from animal protein products such as yoghurts and beef and eggs. I really don't mind about seeing quick results since I am already slender I just need to be toned, plus I am in this for the LONG TERM. So for that reason I will for sure be having lots of fruits in the morning and a heap of pasta (why is pasta not allowed?) in the evening with lots of proteins coming from plant based foods (-i.e lentils, chickpeas, tofu, dark leafy greens and veggies and quinoa.)

That being said, by all means follow the nutrition plan because clearly people are seeing results from it. I know that even though I will not be following the nutrition 100%, I will still be taking lots of the info from it on food content and I know that I already eat healthy for me. IF HOWEVER, you eat lots of unhealthy crap food and don't feel that you can turn vegan over night then follow the Bikini body Burn plan as it is tough love and doesn't have the tolerance for you to eat crappy food ;) 

Onto the fitness aspect. 

Yes! it has a work out dictionary with incredibly informative pictures! This I LOVE. Finally I know what people who speak in fitness jargon are going on about. I suggest you give the dictionary a read through before you start the plan so you know what you will be doing and then before you start the workout, read through what is expected so you aren't stopping and starting too much when you don't need to be although it also has the pictures of the exercises within the workout plan also just to be extra amazing. 

This workout plan looks great. It has put in rest times, all the material you need plus substitutes for some equipment that you may not be able to get. It also assumes that you wont be doing this in the gym which is fantastic since I personally cannot stand the gym. I like my workouts to be just be there in my own space so I can not feel intimidated. Plus, from having done one day of the plan it seems to be done in sections of intensity. You can work up to your bikini body. The first section is ready in which you are kind of laying the grounds and getting your body up to speed. I like to think of this as briefing my body of what is soon going to happen to it. After two weeks the section changes to set in which you are really putting the work into changing and toning your body and creating this new and fitter shape and you do this for four weeks. Then the last phase is booty which lasts 6 weeks and we can all guess what happens there. 

Considering it is only a 12 week guide there is a lot of diversity in work outs and I am sure I wont get bored. 

I can't say too much on the workouts since I have literally just started and this is a first impressions but so far this is looking like a great little booty bible to have on hand for my workouts. As I said before, I will be posting updates on this guide along with my progress and after the 12 weeks I will give a full comprehensive review. After the 12 weeks I will most likely continue to use this to guide my workouts but we shall see. I am looking forward to reporting back!

Monday, 15 February 2016

Top 5 Pick-me-up Beauty Products // Motivational Monday

Hello gang.

Yes it's Monday and yes that sucks. But it's not all bad! For starters MoanaBikini launched another drop of their coveted bikinis so click this link now to see if your favourite is still there to purchase!

Secondly, Monday means I can give you a little pick-me-up to start the week and why not oblige with my favourite beauty products that keep me sane on days like these.

You might think these products are pretty summery and you'd be right they really are which is ironic because as of right now little snowflakes are descending from the Maastricht sky. But to hell with it! I am a summer seeker and summer beauty can follow me round all year.

So in no particular order, let's get cracking..

Product number 1 - Benefit Sunbeam highlighter

(Benefit SunBeam, €27)

Highlighter is one of my favourite products. That little bit of sparkle always manages to put a smile on my face and make me feel a million bucks even when it's gloomy and cold outside. Let the cold stay outside and bring the warmth in to you with some of this stuff.
It can be really hard to find a highlighter that isn't chunky and glittery as opposed to shimmery and gleaming but this one by benefit is brilliant and really doesn't overdo it - meaning you can pile the stuff on and not look like an explosion in My Little Pony land.

In the following photo you can see a pretty awful swatch on my hand but hopefully you get the idea ...

It's quite a warm gold in tone, very similar to the colour of the bottle but with a bit more pink in it I would say. I'm on the more tan side of pale skin and this stuff is pretty much my skin tone so I can get away with it all year round luckily however I know some of you paler skinned lasses may find this too orangey during the winter. Benefit also have another highlighter called Highbeam which I think would look gorgeous on more porcelain skin tones. On me however it makes me look very bronzey which I love and in the summer when I am even darker it just makes me look very "glowy from within" which I find glorious.

It's a little on the pricey side - or as I like to say "spenny" just me? - but I have had this bottle for about 2 years now and it's going strong. Probably should get a new one for the sake of hygiene but oh well!

Product number 2 - Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray

(mini surf spray, €11)

I went through such a love hate relationship with this stuff initially. At first I really hated the formula as I found it sticky in my hair, but once I realised that I should be a little less liberal with this stuff than I had been with other salt sprays I ended up loving it.

I have pretty damn heavy hair. Even with the hairdresser cutting out chunks of the stuff it can be hard to get certain styles to look good when after a while the weight of my hair brings it down flat against my face. With this stuff, it's so light that I can get some salty volume without weighing down my hair further. Especially if I spray some into the roots and blow dry upside-down.

I normally use this stuff after I have showered. I spray some in, plait/braid my hair and then go to sleep in it and when I wake up I just spray a little more into the ends of my now curly hair and I have a beautiful mermaid hair do that'll last the whole day and half of the next one.

Again a bit spenny but the mini size really isn't too bad price wise.

Product number 3 - MAC LE Bronzer in Aphrodite 

Okay I am sorry that this is limited edition because this stuff honestly is beautiful. Similar to the Benefit highlighter in tone this stuff is a more pinky bronzer. It really isn't very orange which is great because for me nothing is worse than an orange toned bronzer on my skin. This manages to take that whole "peaches and cream" look to a tropical level. It isn't crazy pigmented so you can go heavy handed on this without looking god-awful and again it's more of a sheen rather than a full on glitter. Because of the shimmer in it though I really wouldn't contour with it.

A true sign of how much I adore this stuff is that I have actually hit pan on it and I've had it maybe 2 years maximum (it came quite domed in shape so there was a lot of product to go through). I NEVER hit pan on anything as I don't like a lot of makeup on my face. My sensitive skin can't handle too much and I just generally find it uncomfortable so hitting pan on something just doesn't occur in my make up bag. This stuff however passed that line. It also doubles up as a really lovely eyeshadow colour so if I want to travel light I can just bring this for my eyes and some mascara – job done!

Again, sorry that this is unavailable. If I ever hear of a dupe then you guys will be the first to hear of it!

Product number 4 - Labello (Nivea) Tinted Lip Balm

(Labello Tinted lip balm, €3.50)

This is a pretty simple favourite and by far my cheapest choice. The brand really isn't too important here but the fact that it is tinted is the important part. There is nothing like a tinted lip balm to make you look very "model off duty" or quite put together without trying too hard.

Don't get me wrong, I love lippy as much as the next girl but sometimes (especially at 8:30 am on a Monday) I don't want to be worrying about whether it's on my teeth or still holding up well. I also like to look fresh but undone at the same time (struggles!). Tinted lip balm is perfect for this. It wears off nicely during the day and you can reapply without a mirror. This stuff also has SPF so you can wear it at the beach or pool and have luscious looking lips with basically no effort! It also doesn't really count as makeup for those who for some reason or another aren't allowed to wear it or are worried people might judge them for wearing makeup to certain places i.e school, beach, gym, pool etc. you could easily still wear this stuff for a bit of "something something"

Product number 5 - The Body Shop Polynesian Monoi Radiance Oil

(The Body Shop Oil, €17)

This is my newest addition and first off can I just say WOW. What were we all doing before this stuff?

The first thing I can comment on is the smell. It. Smells. Like. Heaven. Honestly luxury in a bottle is my only description for this stuff.

This came out as part of their "Secrets of the World" collection and boasts coconut oil and brazil nut oil. It's the perfect thing for the Winter here in Maastricht. It truly enriches your skin and you can put it on your hair too after a shower to lock in moister.

I'm sure it'll be a year round love for me as we all know your hair and skin needs some love after a full day in the sun.

I can't say enough good things about this product and hope that the collection isn't limited edition because when mine runs out I will cry.

Again a bit of a pricey one at €17 but it feels spa quality and you will not regret it.

Well those are my Top 5 picks folks! Hope you have a happy start to the week

Friday, 12 February 2016

My Lunette Cup // Menstrual Cup Review


Now we have got rid of the squeamish readers lets begin! 

Hello friends, 

I had a glorious time in Amsterdam with my lovely boyfriend and a blog post on that is soon to follow but I first wanted to do a review that is a long time coming. 

About a month and a half ago I ordered a menstrual cup after being extremely pissed off with tampons and doing more research on sustainability following my recent change to Veganism. I already use a diaphragm for contraception now after a horrific experience with the pill so I figured "whats one more piece of silicone?" and so here is my review. 

I first had to decide what brand and what size I wanted and after much research I decided on the company Lunette. Since I am a newbie at all this I highly suggest you look up the youtuber called "PreciousStarsPads" as this girl is the expert on sustainable menstrual products and knows all the ins and outs of them. She seems lovely and is bound to reply to you guys if you have any questions. Also feel free to ask me any in the comments and I will for sure do my best to give you an educated answer! 

I chose Lunette as it is a widely used brand and they had some very good reviews. It's a company from Finland that uses medical grade silicone for their products (V V IMPORTANT). Unlike tampons these have a low low risk of toxic shock syndrome and you can even use these in anticipation of your period – again unlike tampons. 

All you have to do is decide whether you are a light to moderate flow (Lunette size 1) or on the heavier side of normal to heavy flow (Lunette size 2). But as a side note, these babies hold more than a tampon can so if you're stuck between the two, I wouldn't worry quite so much. Also another note is that the size 2 offers a firmer silicone, still very pliable but a bit firmer than the first model. Some more detailed info on how to pick your right size can be found by clicking this link

As a newbie with a moderate-normal flow I went with the size 1 in a beautiful orange/coral colour. 

I ordered off of a British site called Feminine Wear  These guys carry all the different brands pretty much so you are in safe hands purchasing whatever you wish off of them. They also carry reusable pads too!

My order from them arrived so quickly considering I live in the Netherlands and inside my box was a mini pack of Love Hearts sweets which was a lovely touch. 

Lunette suggests you do a practice insertion while not on your period so as to know how you will fold it in order to get it in right. There are any amount of different folds you can do and really there is no magic "one fold is the best". You just have to woman up and get a firm grip and go go go! Once you have mustered the courage to try it you'll really quickly get used to the thing. 

I find it incredibly comfortable which I never find with tampons and I can leave it in for a really long time and over night if I wish! I don't even have to worry about dying if I leave it in over 8 hours because this thing can handle 12 no issue. 

Then all you have to do is pour out the contents, rinse with water under the tap (a bottle of water in a pinch) and then you're good to reinsert again! Then after the period is over you sterilise the cup by boiling it. 

In short: I BLOODY (hehe) LOVE THIS THING. 

There are some things to consider though:

1- The up front cost is more expensive.

However, this is a one time purchase so in the end you would be saving the money you spend all the time on tampons or pads. You are not paying any "luxury tax" just for having a menstrual cycle which is another plus. 

2- You need to be comfortable with getting all up in your lady bits/ seeing blood.

To be quite frank if you are uncomfortable with lady parts then I think you ought to get a grip. There is NOT ONE THING gross or unusual or disgusting about the female reproductive system. We need to be less prudish in order to get rid of the stigma surrounding the female body. 
If you are uncomfortable seeing that much blood then I wonder how you cope with tampons and pads. In any case this thing you have to change/clean out less often so in actuality you see less blood! 

3- Can be tricky to use/ bad fit. 

There will always be a learning curve. I found tampons hard at first. This is the best menstrual product I have come across. 

4- Sterilisation and Maintenance of the cup.

Yes you have the added work of sterilisation, But hey, you will know what you put in your body is clean and free of toxic things (which by the way tampons are most definitely not free) so with the added work is an added benefit. 

The PROS however are plentiful! 

1- less landfill waste

2- more time between changes

3- less money overall

4- less likely to disrupt your internal pH levels

5- cleaner for your body

6- easy to use once you are used to it!

to name only a few!

So there you have it guys. A quick review of my menstrual cup. 

Hope it was helpful. Please ask any questions below

Friday, 5 February 2016

New Haircut // How to get a hairdresser to do what you want

Hello again my lovelies. Happy Friday to you all!

I mentioned in a couple of my last posts that I was going to get my hair cut in order to pull myself out of the style rut I was in. And boy oh boy did it work! I feel fabulous but at the same time I know how daunting the act of entrusting your locks to the hands of a maniac with scissors can be. We all know the story with the majority of hairdressers ...

I hear you, I hear you. I also had the added task of finding a hairdresser who spoke good enough English to understand that I want a nice hairstyle not a buzzcut. I live in the Netherlands in Maastricht and I do not speak Dutch. So I got a recommendation from my friend to check out Jason Marmann, booked an appointment and hauled my ass over there this afternoon. 

(Jason Marmann salon Maastricht, photo from Facebook page)

I went in mildly terrified and was greeted warmly. Immediately Jason came over and asked what he could do for me and luckily I came prepared... 

Tip: Prepare a photo or photo collage of inspiration for them to get an idea of what you're after. Then also ask for their advice and their expert opinion. Get them to talk you through their plans following what you've said you're after and let them know what you are/are not comfortable with. 

I showed Jason this collage I made of Alexis Ren's hair from all different angles and view points (feel free to take this photo and use it yourself). I am extremely inspired by her hair right now and wanted a version that would suit me and not lose it's style/shape over time. 

I then stated that I also wanted to be able to put my hair up in a ponytail so layers that are too short would be a nuisance and also disclosed that, while I like my ears, they stick out so if the layers were too short they would poke through. I also mentioned key words such as 'long, shaggy layers" "face framing" and "beachy" and also asked him to make it suit my face shape. He got what I said instantly and sent me to get my hair washed which was great. 

After a good wash he got to work. I had hair half way down my back which was a blunt cut. No layers or face framing to speak of. He cut about an inch or so off to begin with and told me that would be the longest length at the back. I was prepared for shorter so this was good. Then he did the layers. 

One hair disclaimer is that I have A LOT of hair. I mean it. The guy who washed my hair said "hey, you have a lot of hair" then Jason stated "wow, fantastic hair". Over the course of an hour he went from "okay, this is a lot of hair" to "i'm sorry but you have too much hair". All this I know because it is a huge trial trying to brush it every day. Normally I don't bother but shh. 

He decided to use one of these bad boys:

Which is a hair thinning blade. Only from the lengths from the ends of my ear down as requested to avoid a peeping ear situation. This meant that my hair has more volume at the roots and actually gets some movement at the bottom. (Normally my hair just hangs there, heavy and lanky). My hair is much lighter now but at the roots still packs a punch. 

He then moved to the front of my head and did the framing pieces and made sure they could still be tucked behind my ears and that the layers gradually got longer around my face so it wasn't a chunky curtain side fringe deal. 

The end result is:

If you excuse my derp face! 

I am extremely happy with it. Lots of layers and bouncy movement and just the perfect interpretation of what I showed him. Very pleased and perfect for growing out and still looking stylish too!

If you're around Maastricht and want an awesome cut (and awesome colour work too) please check out Jason Marmann and follow the link to their Facebook page here . You can also say that I (Nisha) sent you in order to get 10% off your service. 

Have a great weekend guys! 

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Wish List #1 // More Bikini Porn

Hi there gals, 

Been neglecting all areas of my social media lately due to an internet issue but soon hopefully it will all be sorted out! Today I am typing away at Uni in our attic library with a blustery wind outside, so once again I am dreaming of warmer weather and bluer skies. I have, however, got my hair appointment booked for Friday afternoon, as per my last post, which will make for a interesting, and hopefully helpful, blog post. 

Today I thought I would show you what has been on my mind lately in the form of a bikini wish list for a short and sweet one today. 

The first ‘kini to make my list is one which has ended up in my online shopping basket more times than I can count. It is this beauty from Coulbourne, an LA based company which sports some to-die-for swimmers. 
(Coulbourne ‘Bond’ top $76 and bottom $72 - Model is Alexis Ren, photo from Alexis Ren’s Instagram) 

Coulbourne is the brain child of founder Rocky Coulbourne who, in his day-dreams of the “perfect” girl, created a line of attire that this mystical creature would, one day, wear. Since their inception they have narrowed their sights on classic modern day bikinis that could be worn on any beach in the world. In Rocky’s own words “I may not ever find that girl, but my creations made for her will live on, in each and every Coulbourne piece”. Here’s hoping he finds her because she has some gorgeous bikinis to wear. I do think I will take the plunge and buy this swimsuit. I’m not necessarily the posh “little-black-dress” kind of girl but I am for sure the little-black-bikini kind, and this one is bound to make you feel like a million bucks. 

Number two on my want list is this little number from Kiini. 


Apparently conceived during travels across the world to find beautiful beaches, this bikini is a real integration of a modern yet bohemian look that reflects it’s inspirations of beautiful beach life with the urban vibes of New York City, the birthplace of Kiini. 

I adore the crochet work mixed with the bold colours which really create a unique style. Kiini has been seen on celebrities such as Cara Delevingne which is how I came to hear about this amazing bikini. 

A whole set will bring you back around $300 though but oh well. A girl can dream. 

Lastly on my mind I have been dreaming of Acacia swimwear. Specifically this set and even more specifically the Andy top style. 
(Source: )

Again with the crochet I know, once I am hooked on a style I can’t seem to shake it. 

Acacia is the epitome of dreamy swimwear that mixes boho styles with effortless sophistication and femininity seamlessly. Designed by Naomi Newirth and Lyndie Irons who share a love of beaches, holiday lifestyle and a thirst for travelling this swimwear brand is adored by many. 

Most likely all of you will have heard of Acacia so I won’t continue to bang on about them as I am sure you guys already know. But my dream one day is to be on a beach in Hawaii wearing Acacia. Again, a girl can dream. 

That’s all for todays post guys, see you in my next post on hair cuts! 

© Summer Seeker
Maira Gall