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What convinced me to go vegan? // a Personal Chat

Hello there folks,

I feel so much more free today. After quite a bit of stress over a final debate on Genocide conventions, the debate is successfully over. I can now concentrate again on my journey to better myself in terms of health and mindset for a while until my next classes start. With that comes some discussion on Veganism.

I apologise to those of you who are not interested in this lifestyle you are welcome to leave and come back for another post :) no judgement this is a positive space.

For those of you who are now still here and still reading I am happy to have you. I get many questions from friends, family and people who are just plain interested about my new lifestyle and the main one is "what convinced you eventually?" To that I say, "good question! Let me tell you." So, this post is gonna be full of resources I watched, read and then a little bit of a personal moment that eventually tipped me into this newfound respect for what I put in my body.

First a bit of background:

1. I used to hate vegetarians. Flat out. Didn't even know about vegans but vegetarians used to grind my gears. I just could not fathom why someone could be so picky with food. I was already a relatively fussy eater so maybe I just couldn't imagine someone deliberately choosing to be fussy. I don't know but I was very uneducated about veggies.
2. I have never been fat and never had an eating disorder of any kind. Have always just been skinny and ate a typical English diet.

So, you could say I go to a very liberal university. I even study Liberal Arts and Sciences, you can't get much more liberal than that! But before going here I had no idea it would affect my personal choices that much. When I first got here I had never come across certain things like Veganism and really had limited knowledge on sustainability but I was surrounded by individuals who had and I was very impressed. I quickly became vegetarian and following that have been researching for hours on end on why I should go vegan. Obviously my first port of call was movies and here are some of my favs.

My favourite vegan documentaries: 

  1. Cowspiracy- I know, you've heard this one before but I really urge you to watch it. It's on Netflix which I know you all have and the best part is that it doesn't yell at you for not being vegan at all. It doesn't preach it actually aims it's attacks at the system we live under and questions why if we know what is causing environmental destruction then why not change. 

  2. Food Inc- Another Netflix one! This one doesn't necessarily preach Veganism at all but is important for anyone to watch. It discusses how what we eat is now so industrialised to the point where there are many flaws with our system. It tells of how the story of Old McDonald is indeed a lie we tell ourselves in order to cope with what we are doing. 
  3. Forks over Knives- This one actually goes in depth on the health of the typical western diet versus the health of a vegan diet and makes some very good points for those that have questions over just how healthy the western diet is. With rising rates of diabetes and heart problems, one of the main killers we are facing is actually our diet which is a scary thought. This is on Netflix too. 
  4. Earthlings- I am mentioning this one purely because I believe it is important to see and be aware and educated about what goes on behind the closed doors of slaughter houses and many more organisations that entail the exploitation of animals. It is, however, EXTREMELY upsetting. The first time I watched it I got 20 mins in, the second time I got 30 mins in. It is hard work but I had to at least try. You can find this on youtube. 
Vegan Youtubers/Videos:

One of the main things that really convinced me were Youtubers. 
The first of which being Freelee the Banana girl. Yes she is controversial but she has a lot of knowledge on the topic of Veganism and some really powerful videos. 
You can find her channel here --> Freelee

The second Youtube thing I want to show you is this video called 101 reasons to go Vegan. Well it doesn't list 101 it's just a really nice sounding guy chatting about how it's just natural that we follow a vegan lifestyle. He made some really convincing arguments which I really appreciated.  
Find the link here---> 101 reasons to go vegan

And lastly, this video entitled seaspiracy which made convincing arguments for not eating fish ---> seaspiracy 

Lastly a little personal bit:

The last thing that tipped me into Veganism was going to the doctors for a full check up after being curious. I was told my cervix looked red and sponge like. I was frightened but tests were sent off and there was no sign of cancerous or pre-cancerous cells present. I did a course of antibiotics in case of infection and afterwards found there was no infection. Lastly, I was told that as a result of being on the pill my cervix had eroded slightly. I have now come off the pill and am using a diaphragm instead because I have now sworn off hormones. 
In addition to coming off birth control I decided my body was in dire need of healing and so I am finally doing just that. Red meat especially and dairy can be very inflammatory for the body so this detox is well needed. I'll be eating in abundance, but eating nutrient rich foods. 

Well there you have my answer to what convinced me personally to go vegan. Please share with me any other resources or documentaries you like because I would love to have more in my arsenal! 

Hope you have a lovely day! 

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