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Stuck in a clothing rut? Here's what to do! // Style Warrior

Hello hello hello my lovelies!

I have been feeling kinda down and emotional recently and at first I had no idea why. But then, I took a few steps back and analysed why I'm feeling unhappy and I realised in an instant. 

Recently I have been detaching myself from some rough relationships with people in my life that were making me unhappy and at the moment I am in limbo. Free fall. Hurtling towards the ground with no direction or safety net aside from my boyfriend. Don't get me wrong because he is lovely but everyone needs their own friends. 

When I am in free fall it's not long before something else can join the party of going downhill. When one side of your life becomes unstable other things can detach and for me it was my self-confidence. I am suddenly in a complete rut with how I look and I feel like I have lost myself a little. 

For the past week I have worn the same outfit which is currently the only one I like. Skinny jeans and a baggy jumper. And I pride myself on being relatively fashion forward!? It's been ridiculous. I'm confident about my body but I have no idea how to dress it or how to do by boring flat hair. 

If you know what I am feeling and want some tips for how to get out of this rut, then here are some of the steps I took today and I feel immensely better!

1. Go through your entire wardrobe! 

I know you must be thinking 'how cliche this list will be' and I get that but seriously if you're telling yourself and everyone you have nothing to wear then you sure as hell have stuff to donate. This way you wont get caught resorting back to the same outfits that make you feel kinda crappy. 
When you go through it create three piles of 'bin' 'donate' 'keep' and be ruthless! Be honest with your style and keep timeless pieces, not things you are hoping will come back into trend. 

Once you have cleared some space in your wardrobe you can actually see what you are lacking or what you feel that you really need. Even with a small collection of clothes, with the right pieces you can create an endless selection of outfits that all make you feel great. 

2. Find some inspiration!

This point I cannot stress enough. Find some inspiration and spend a long time looking. For the past few weeks I have typed a number of different key words into google images and tumblr to find some style inspiration. If you have a celebrity crush, doubtless someone on tumblr will have a fan page dedicated to that person full of style tips and outfit ideas. For me at the moment my inspiration is Alexis Ren. If you have not heard of her first of all where have you been? and secondly here is an example photo of her

She is very beachy, model off duty and effortlessly cool. When I want more style inspo I will type her name into tumblr and scroll for hours. It makes me feel a bit better that this style is so easily achievable and replicable. 

Also Youtubers are BRILLIANT inspo. My fav is Sunbeamsjess. She's British, funny and her style is to die for. 

Have fun binge watching her videos! 

3. Take a break from your current surroundings!

If you're lucky and can afford to take the time out of your normal schedule, even if it's just a weekend or a day, take a break and go somewhere new because it is one of the most effective ways to break a rut. Especially if you go somewhere interesting and arty you are bound to get inspired. I am actually going to Amsterdam in a week for 3 nights which I will do a blog post on. 
Amsterdam is one of the fashion capitals of the world and I am definitely planning to do some shopping. To my dear bank account I apologise in advance. 

Taking a break will ensure that you are around different people, breathing a different air and seeing different things and will make you feel a lot better. I know I always crave something new when I am feeling down.  

4. Get a hair cut!

It may seem silly but there is nothing like getting a couple centimetres cut off your 'do to make you feel brand new. I am actually booking in to get an actual style cut into my hair. After getting a shoulder length blunt cut in April, I am currently sporting a grown out non-hairstyle. I am bored, my hair is flat and kinda horrible actually. So I will soon be sporting a classic long layers with face framing look which I am excited about. 

As I stated previously I will do a post on Amsterdam because it looks like it's going to be one of the best trips of my life. It is in celebration of a year with my boyfriend which is coming up mid-February and we leave for Dam on the 7th. As a special treat to ourselves we've booked a beautiful AirB&B which looks absolutely stunning and are planning lovely strolls along canals, delicious dinners and maybe a bit of shopping on my part too. 
I also think I'll do a before and after hair cut blog post with info on how to go about getting the cut you want, finding inspiration and stuff like that. 

Aside from that final note I hope you all are having a lovely weekend!

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