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Kokoh Bikini Review// My New Bikini bottoms

Hello there!

I know, kinda long time no type. I do, however, have my reasons involving university work load which I will not bore you with.

Far more exciting than my tedious study schedule is a delivery that arrived for me yesterday morning all packaged up in a beautiful sky blue envelope with the words 'Kokoh Bikini' written on them in white.

So here it is: My Kokoh Review and a look at the bikini bottoms I ordered from them.

I firstly want to just say how brilliant the ordering and delivery service is. When you order you get the opportunity to note down your Instagram name and once it is shipped they'll post a picture of the exact product you ordered. This I thought was a really lovely touch.

I was also so pleased at how fast they arrived. With the scheduled delivery drop being the 25th of January, I already thought that was pretty quick. It actually took a mere 5 days from ordering to actually getting my order. I don't even live in AUS! I live in NL as a student right now so that is damn fast in my book. It is also fully tracked so you get a real peace of mind while ordering with them.

So when I opened the gorgeous blue packaging and delved in I found my bottoms in this cute little baggie...

Aaaannndd inside were these gorgeous puppies ...

I know, I know. Stunning, right?

As you may be able to tell pattern placement varies on these bikini bottoms, but that just adds to how unique they are!

They also come with a beautiful postcard which doubles up as the returns form in the unlikely event that you don't like them. I would show you it but it is up on my wall as we speak.

I wont be trying them on for you guys just yet -- for a few different reasons (ie it's bloody cold, my butt is not quite as perkalicious as desired etc) but the biggest reason being that eventually I will do a huge try on bikini collection. What I will say is that these are gorgeous! I honestly have never felt a softer material of bikini bottom before and when I put them on it feels like silk is gracing my butt cheeks.

Oh yeah and these bad boys are definitely cheeky. Not thong-like per say but some cheekage is definitely on show.  In a V good way.

These are the Kaleidoscopic mandala scrunchies. They also have another cheeky version with braided sides and then a Hawaiian cut also if you're that way inclined. The scrunchies are probably the most full cover they get at Kokoh so I would say they are a good "beginner" cheeky cut with the relatively thick sides to make sure they stay put.

The reverse side is a white and yellow horizontal stripe but in all honestly, why wear the stripe side when you have a rainbow mandala print to wear?!

In terms of the sizing they fit me perfectly! - and I got a S. I range from a UK4 to a UK6 in bottoms but on average I more or less always come out as a 6. I would say that those who are an 8 could get an S too. If you are smaller than a 6 I would contact them with your dimensions and query it or even ask on Instagram and you're sure to get an answer! Their sizes range from an S-L covering a 6-14, these bottoms are very stretchy for comfort so they do cover a fair variety of sizes.

These amazing bottoms didn't come cheap as they were AUS $79 which is a lot to spend on one bikini piece. While it is a hella lot I must say that now I have them the quality is crazy good. It's like not wearing anything. Seriously. It feels like being butt naked. And no other bikini bottom has flattered my butt more (more about flattering shapes in an upcoming post). These bottoms make it look like even the least curviest of us have done their squats.

I would say if you have the money to spend and you either live by the beach or tend to go on a lot of holidays, then go for it and you wont regret it! I never thought I would say AUS $79 bikini bottoms are worth it, but to hell with it these ones really are.

You can check out their other bikini styles at their website here
And you should also go and follow their Insta page here

Comment below if you also love Kokoh and let me know what your fav style of theirs is! Also tell me what other brands I can check out are.

Enjoy your weekend my lovelies.

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