Sunday, 17 January 2016


Well hello there everyone,

You have stumbled upon my blog. If you are a complete sun worshipper who regularly dreams of spending hours discovering paradise islands and swimming with tropical fish as your skin creates that gorgeous summer glow -- then please continue reading and come back regularly since you are all very welcome.

I had no intention 24 hours ago of starting a blog. I already have a YT channel under the handle GuavaGirly on which I sporadically upload. But, I was just on SkyScanner last night perusing some cheap summer deals and realised that I spend my whole life wishing it was summer.

This is probably common amongst you but everything I buy (and I shop a lot) is summery and has no utility in the winter. All the Instagram pages I follow are scantily clad beach girls making me jealous. I am addicted. It really doesn't help that I spend half my life in the Netherlands as a student and the other half in south east England with my family. I'm not even born in the summer I am a spring baby so where is this addiction coming from?? ...Well it could be the fact that in my childhood I was an island baby. I was born and lived in Hong Kong on one of the islands and whenever I go back to update my visa I feel free.

After a good few hours scrolling through Instagram last night and my discovery of my new favourite blog which is 'Bikinis Anonymous' by Madalyn Mitchell, I felt inspired and decided I would begin a blog based on my love for the sun and for the summer time. I'll probably be doing outfits of the day, recipes and idk just nice posts which I'll be happy to look back on and maybe you guys would like to read.

I hope you enjoy!

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