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Cheap Student Eats #1 - Multi-Veg Pasta // Vegan, Healthy, Easy

Hi again everyone, 

So if you're anything like me and have spent (and will continue to spend) an awful lot on some 'make-your-butt-perfect' bikini bottoms; then you will be wondering how on earth you'll be able to afford to eat some good, healthy food from now on. 

I know, I know, you told yourself you'd eat nothing but baked beans and instant noodles from now on to save those pennies but we both know that is not realistic. You'll get bored, you'll get hungry and you'll get so unhealthy. You're never gonna get that awesome beach bod worthy of said 'kini bottoms by eating cheap crap now are you? 

I am also a relatively new vegan and so I gotta get those veggies and carbs in to feel satiated and happy. However, even if you aren't vegan give this recipe a try because why the hell not :) #eatyourveggies 

This very easy recipe came about when I hosted my friends last night for dinner. I didn't know what to make so I decided on a multiveg pasta. Decided being the operative word as these were the only ingredients I had pretty much...

Tip: To eat cheap as a vegan you gotta eat seasonally. - I had some winter veg in my fridge to get eating and this is what I did:

You will need:
- Pasta (check whether it has egg in it)
- 2 onions
- 2 garlic cloves
- 1 Courgette (zucchini to some of you)
- 2 medium carrots
- Mushrooms (loads of the buggers, they shrink down so much) 
- 2 handfuls of string beans 
- 1 400g carton of Passata (or tin tomatoes) 
- herbs to taste (basil, oregano)

  1. Right, you'll wanna wash and then chop all your veg up fairly small. Especially the carrots and courgette because it'll take time to cook. Smaller = faster to cook. Leave the pasta till the sauce is cooked!
  2. Fry the onion in a big saucepan with some oil until soft and translucent then add the garlic. 
  3. Now add your courgette and carrot with half a cup of water to prevent sticking and help them to cook faster. Add some salt and pepper at this point too. Keep the veg moving in the pan and cook for 5 mins. 
  4. Add the mushrooms. It will look like A LOT. Stir it in with the rest and wait a short while for it to reduce and shrink down. You will be surprised! 
  5. Now add the beans. again wait a little while after stirring in, the mushrooms will continue to get smaller. 
  6. You will notice the mixture will release a lot of fluid. You can either keep it in (it's very healthy) or just pour a little out if you'd rather have a thicker sauce.
  7. Now add the passata and stir in. At this point if you had fresh tomatoes you could add them but I didn't. 
  8. Add some herbs. I added basil and oregano then left it to simmer on a low heat. 
  9. Now cook your pasta in another saucepan and serve.  
There you have it: cheap, easy, vegan and extremely healthy. Saving up for another bikini splurge really wont be too hard now. 

 -do excuse the yellow lighting-

This recipe would also be fantastic with other veg in it too such as celery, egg plant or even add some lentils or kidney beans for extra protein. It also makes a fairly large amount which is perfect to save and reheat the next day for lunch! 

I hope you enjoy this recipe and let me know in the comments if you tried it. You can even tweet me a pic of your version at @GuavaGirly or tag me on Insta at @guavagirlie because I would love to see your pics. 

Happy cooking!

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