Saturday, 30 January 2016

Stuck in a clothing rut? Here's what to do! // Style Warrior

Hello hello hello my lovelies!

I have been feeling kinda down and emotional recently and at first I had no idea why. But then, I took a few steps back and analysed why I'm feeling unhappy and I realised in an instant. 

Recently I have been detaching myself from some rough relationships with people in my life that were making me unhappy and at the moment I am in limbo. Free fall. Hurtling towards the ground with no direction or safety net aside from my boyfriend. Don't get me wrong because he is lovely but everyone needs their own friends. 

When I am in free fall it's not long before something else can join the party of going downhill. When one side of your life becomes unstable other things can detach and for me it was my self-confidence. I am suddenly in a complete rut with how I look and I feel like I have lost myself a little. 

For the past week I have worn the same outfit which is currently the only one I like. Skinny jeans and a baggy jumper. And I pride myself on being relatively fashion forward!? It's been ridiculous. I'm confident about my body but I have no idea how to dress it or how to do by boring flat hair. 

If you know what I am feeling and want some tips for how to get out of this rut, then here are some of the steps I took today and I feel immensely better!

1. Go through your entire wardrobe! 

I know you must be thinking 'how cliche this list will be' and I get that but seriously if you're telling yourself and everyone you have nothing to wear then you sure as hell have stuff to donate. This way you wont get caught resorting back to the same outfits that make you feel kinda crappy. 
When you go through it create three piles of 'bin' 'donate' 'keep' and be ruthless! Be honest with your style and keep timeless pieces, not things you are hoping will come back into trend. 

Once you have cleared some space in your wardrobe you can actually see what you are lacking or what you feel that you really need. Even with a small collection of clothes, with the right pieces you can create an endless selection of outfits that all make you feel great. 

2. Find some inspiration!

This point I cannot stress enough. Find some inspiration and spend a long time looking. For the past few weeks I have typed a number of different key words into google images and tumblr to find some style inspiration. If you have a celebrity crush, doubtless someone on tumblr will have a fan page dedicated to that person full of style tips and outfit ideas. For me at the moment my inspiration is Alexis Ren. If you have not heard of her first of all where have you been? and secondly here is an example photo of her

She is very beachy, model off duty and effortlessly cool. When I want more style inspo I will type her name into tumblr and scroll for hours. It makes me feel a bit better that this style is so easily achievable and replicable. 

Also Youtubers are BRILLIANT inspo. My fav is Sunbeamsjess. She's British, funny and her style is to die for. 

Have fun binge watching her videos! 

3. Take a break from your current surroundings!

If you're lucky and can afford to take the time out of your normal schedule, even if it's just a weekend or a day, take a break and go somewhere new because it is one of the most effective ways to break a rut. Especially if you go somewhere interesting and arty you are bound to get inspired. I am actually going to Amsterdam in a week for 3 nights which I will do a blog post on. 
Amsterdam is one of the fashion capitals of the world and I am definitely planning to do some shopping. To my dear bank account I apologise in advance. 

Taking a break will ensure that you are around different people, breathing a different air and seeing different things and will make you feel a lot better. I know I always crave something new when I am feeling down.  

4. Get a hair cut!

It may seem silly but there is nothing like getting a couple centimetres cut off your 'do to make you feel brand new. I am actually booking in to get an actual style cut into my hair. After getting a shoulder length blunt cut in April, I am currently sporting a grown out non-hairstyle. I am bored, my hair is flat and kinda horrible actually. So I will soon be sporting a classic long layers with face framing look which I am excited about. 

As I stated previously I will do a post on Amsterdam because it looks like it's going to be one of the best trips of my life. It is in celebration of a year with my boyfriend which is coming up mid-February and we leave for Dam on the 7th. As a special treat to ourselves we've booked a beautiful AirB&B which looks absolutely stunning and are planning lovely strolls along canals, delicious dinners and maybe a bit of shopping on my part too. 
I also think I'll do a before and after hair cut blog post with info on how to go about getting the cut you want, finding inspiration and stuff like that. 

Aside from that final note I hope you all are having a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

What convinced me to go vegan? // a Personal Chat

Hello there folks,

I feel so much more free today. After quite a bit of stress over a final debate on Genocide conventions, the debate is successfully over. I can now concentrate again on my journey to better myself in terms of health and mindset for a while until my next classes start. With that comes some discussion on Veganism.

I apologise to those of you who are not interested in this lifestyle you are welcome to leave and come back for another post :) no judgement this is a positive space.

For those of you who are now still here and still reading I am happy to have you. I get many questions from friends, family and people who are just plain interested about my new lifestyle and the main one is "what convinced you eventually?" To that I say, "good question! Let me tell you." So, this post is gonna be full of resources I watched, read and then a little bit of a personal moment that eventually tipped me into this newfound respect for what I put in my body.

First a bit of background:

1. I used to hate vegetarians. Flat out. Didn't even know about vegans but vegetarians used to grind my gears. I just could not fathom why someone could be so picky with food. I was already a relatively fussy eater so maybe I just couldn't imagine someone deliberately choosing to be fussy. I don't know but I was very uneducated about veggies.
2. I have never been fat and never had an eating disorder of any kind. Have always just been skinny and ate a typical English diet.

So, you could say I go to a very liberal university. I even study Liberal Arts and Sciences, you can't get much more liberal than that! But before going here I had no idea it would affect my personal choices that much. When I first got here I had never come across certain things like Veganism and really had limited knowledge on sustainability but I was surrounded by individuals who had and I was very impressed. I quickly became vegetarian and following that have been researching for hours on end on why I should go vegan. Obviously my first port of call was movies and here are some of my favs.

My favourite vegan documentaries: 

  1. Cowspiracy- I know, you've heard this one before but I really urge you to watch it. It's on Netflix which I know you all have and the best part is that it doesn't yell at you for not being vegan at all. It doesn't preach it actually aims it's attacks at the system we live under and questions why if we know what is causing environmental destruction then why not change. 

  2. Food Inc- Another Netflix one! This one doesn't necessarily preach Veganism at all but is important for anyone to watch. It discusses how what we eat is now so industrialised to the point where there are many flaws with our system. It tells of how the story of Old McDonald is indeed a lie we tell ourselves in order to cope with what we are doing. 
  3. Forks over Knives- This one actually goes in depth on the health of the typical western diet versus the health of a vegan diet and makes some very good points for those that have questions over just how healthy the western diet is. With rising rates of diabetes and heart problems, one of the main killers we are facing is actually our diet which is a scary thought. This is on Netflix too. 
  4. Earthlings- I am mentioning this one purely because I believe it is important to see and be aware and educated about what goes on behind the closed doors of slaughter houses and many more organisations that entail the exploitation of animals. It is, however, EXTREMELY upsetting. The first time I watched it I got 20 mins in, the second time I got 30 mins in. It is hard work but I had to at least try. You can find this on youtube. 
Vegan Youtubers/Videos:

One of the main things that really convinced me were Youtubers. 
The first of which being Freelee the Banana girl. Yes she is controversial but she has a lot of knowledge on the topic of Veganism and some really powerful videos. 
You can find her channel here --> Freelee

The second Youtube thing I want to show you is this video called 101 reasons to go Vegan. Well it doesn't list 101 it's just a really nice sounding guy chatting about how it's just natural that we follow a vegan lifestyle. He made some really convincing arguments which I really appreciated.  
Find the link here---> 101 reasons to go vegan

And lastly, this video entitled seaspiracy which made convincing arguments for not eating fish ---> seaspiracy 

Lastly a little personal bit:

The last thing that tipped me into Veganism was going to the doctors for a full check up after being curious. I was told my cervix looked red and sponge like. I was frightened but tests were sent off and there was no sign of cancerous or pre-cancerous cells present. I did a course of antibiotics in case of infection and afterwards found there was no infection. Lastly, I was told that as a result of being on the pill my cervix had eroded slightly. I have now come off the pill and am using a diaphragm instead because I have now sworn off hormones. 
In addition to coming off birth control I decided my body was in dire need of healing and so I am finally doing just that. Red meat especially and dairy can be very inflammatory for the body so this detox is well needed. I'll be eating in abundance, but eating nutrient rich foods. 

Well there you have my answer to what convinced me personally to go vegan. Please share with me any other resources or documentaries you like because I would love to have more in my arsenal! 

Hope you have a lovely day! 

Monday, 25 January 2016

Motivational Monday // The "real woman" debate

After writing last week's motivational Monday instalment I felt as though I had barely scratched the surface of the multifaceted problem that is todays perception of female body image. I felt that at least another post was required to cover the issue and perhaps there will be more to follow. This weeks instalment will cover the rise of the "real woman" and the damaging effects this has to our society. 

The backlash against thin:

Last week I discussed briefly how very recently the IN thing was thin. With Kate Moss proclaiming her famous mantra "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" many girls were having to cope with unhealthy thoughts encouraging disordered eating; and with larger women being pushed to the sidelines of the beauty spectrum receiving hurtful comments implying their beauty was tied to their size – it is no wonder that there was a backlash! 

The backlash is shown below: 

I applaud any woman that is happy to be the size she is. Good for you. What I will not applaud is 1. A woman who had to tear other women down in order to feel good about herself. 2. A woman who bases her self-worth, the worth of others and someone's ability to be sexy on looks and male opinion alone. This is an extremely damaging idea to be putting out. 

Why is this damaging:

For one thing, these "inspirational" quotes completely exclude the fact that many women are in fact not bothered by whether men find them sexy at all, because they are attracted to women. 
Secondly, why try extremely hard to change your body shape for someone who seems to be a bit of an arse anyway. Do not put yourself through calorie restriction because some guy said he likes skinny women and do not push yourself through extremes because some guy said he wanted your ass to be fatter. The main thing here is YOU DO YOU. 

We need to stop pretending that everybody shares the same body type. Not every woman can have big breasts or can have a thigh gap. Sexy comes in all shapes and sizes. 

Also one more point, since when did small boobs become no boobs? That rhetoric is really getting old. Sure, some women have a very flat chest. Some women have small boobs, some medium, some large. When you look at bikini hauls on youtube you have so many small breasted girls looking embarrassed as they tell the camera they aren't "gifted" in the chest area. It breaks my heart that we have been brought up feeling ashamed to have smaller boobs. Or even on the other end of the spectrum that some women were embarrassed to have larger boobs. 

Now, since small boobed ladies are feeling the pressure they lash out at women with larger boobs. 

Come on. This girl on girl attack is crazy. 

Every woman is a real woman. No matter what her size is. 

My experience:

As someone who went through puberty little by little in many stages I experienced a lot of hate regarding my body shape. The first thing that came in for me was a defined waist. I got some little hips before anything else happened. 

Secondly I got tiny pair of boobs ever so slowly getting proportionally bigger but I am definitely small chested. I was told at 12 I was flat chested and that I should stuff my bra. I was mortified. I thought people had noticed my secret of having a size A chest and thought the whole school would know. All the cool kids were already wearing bras and I was shrinking back in my vest. So to combat this minor bullying, me and a friend at the time did everything we could to fake these desired curves at the age of 13 or so. 
We bought push up bra after push up bra spending our pocket money in 'La Senza'. There is no shame in buying these, I still have one in my drawer because in some of my clothes I prefer the look of some boost but I was 13 and 14 only wearing these because I hated my chest. I didn't even like them! They became uncomfortable after a while of wearing them and were incredibly obvious to the girls in the changing rooms. 

I always had scrawny legs too. I used to wear leggings under my school trousers to look like I was slightly more filled out. I wasn't anorexic or cutting calories like you may be thinking. I was just young and not fully developed yet, competing with girls who were already done with their puberty run. Eating twice as much as I normally would to try and gain weight did nothing. 

It was only when I got to 16/17 that I started to love my body. I began to fill out more over time. There were many things I didn't understand before, that being petite I would never have some of the body types I idolised. But now I'm older I realise that even people older than me don't understand body types. Curvy can come in many sizes much like athletic body types come in many sizes. I am petite and very slender but I am relatively curvy for someone my size. I have a butt and my 30C boobs are all present and correct. More importantly I am getting healthier. I am 19 now and exercise is becoming more a part of my life. I love the feeling of my body getting stronger. 


From what I remember the summer time was the worst for my body confidence. Beach and pool parties are frequent and with light bullying being the norm I hated the mandatory bikini uniform. Thankfully, we are in a time where different bikini brands cater to different shapes of women. I have a few tips for those of you that are dreading the summer season!

The main tips I can give you for feeling confident in your bikini is:
Know your dimensions. Many of the great brands are online which makes getting the right size tricky and lying to yourself about your dimensions won't help you. Get the right size and it'll look better on you.
Look at different styles of bikinis. Different styles suit different shapes! have a bit of a look around on Instagram or tumblr or google images and find pictures of women who have similar body types and what bikinis looked great on them. It'll really help you visualise your own body in that bikini. 
Remember, everyone has their own body hangups.  That girl that picked on your thighs probably hates her stomach. Or the one who mocked your large chest hates her arms. If you remember that then you may be able to shake off the worst of the comments. Obviously sometimes they may hit a nerve and it can be really hard to ignore, but the bigger person wouldn't attack someone else's body image.

Body confidence can be hard to learn but in my eyes the sexiest thing a woman can have is confidence in herself. It'll take time but it will be worth it and half the battle is not neglecting your inside. Think positive thoughts, eat your 5 a day, do some light exercise and the benefits will shine out of your skin. 

Have a happy week all of you! 

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Cheap Student Eats #1 - Multi-Veg Pasta // Vegan, Healthy, Easy

Hi again everyone, 

So if you're anything like me and have spent (and will continue to spend) an awful lot on some 'make-your-butt-perfect' bikini bottoms; then you will be wondering how on earth you'll be able to afford to eat some good, healthy food from now on. 

I know, I know, you told yourself you'd eat nothing but baked beans and instant noodles from now on to save those pennies but we both know that is not realistic. You'll get bored, you'll get hungry and you'll get so unhealthy. You're never gonna get that awesome beach bod worthy of said 'kini bottoms by eating cheap crap now are you? 

I am also a relatively new vegan and so I gotta get those veggies and carbs in to feel satiated and happy. However, even if you aren't vegan give this recipe a try because why the hell not :) #eatyourveggies 

This very easy recipe came about when I hosted my friends last night for dinner. I didn't know what to make so I decided on a multiveg pasta. Decided being the operative word as these were the only ingredients I had pretty much...

Tip: To eat cheap as a vegan you gotta eat seasonally. - I had some winter veg in my fridge to get eating and this is what I did:

You will need:
- Pasta (check whether it has egg in it)
- 2 onions
- 2 garlic cloves
- 1 Courgette (zucchini to some of you)
- 2 medium carrots
- Mushrooms (loads of the buggers, they shrink down so much) 
- 2 handfuls of string beans 
- 1 400g carton of Passata (or tin tomatoes) 
- herbs to taste (basil, oregano)

  1. Right, you'll wanna wash and then chop all your veg up fairly small. Especially the carrots and courgette because it'll take time to cook. Smaller = faster to cook. Leave the pasta till the sauce is cooked!
  2. Fry the onion in a big saucepan with some oil until soft and translucent then add the garlic. 
  3. Now add your courgette and carrot with half a cup of water to prevent sticking and help them to cook faster. Add some salt and pepper at this point too. Keep the veg moving in the pan and cook for 5 mins. 
  4. Add the mushrooms. It will look like A LOT. Stir it in with the rest and wait a short while for it to reduce and shrink down. You will be surprised! 
  5. Now add the beans. again wait a little while after stirring in, the mushrooms will continue to get smaller. 
  6. You will notice the mixture will release a lot of fluid. You can either keep it in (it's very healthy) or just pour a little out if you'd rather have a thicker sauce.
  7. Now add the passata and stir in. At this point if you had fresh tomatoes you could add them but I didn't. 
  8. Add some herbs. I added basil and oregano then left it to simmer on a low heat. 
  9. Now cook your pasta in another saucepan and serve.  
There you have it: cheap, easy, vegan and extremely healthy. Saving up for another bikini splurge really wont be too hard now. 

 -do excuse the yellow lighting-

This recipe would also be fantastic with other veg in it too such as celery, egg plant or even add some lentils or kidney beans for extra protein. It also makes a fairly large amount which is perfect to save and reheat the next day for lunch! 

I hope you enjoy this recipe and let me know in the comments if you tried it. You can even tweet me a pic of your version at @GuavaGirly or tag me on Insta at @guavagirlie because I would love to see your pics. 

Happy cooking!

Friday, 22 January 2016

Kokoh Bikini Review// My New Bikini bottoms

Hello there!

I know, kinda long time no type. I do, however, have my reasons involving university work load which I will not bore you with.

Far more exciting than my tedious study schedule is a delivery that arrived for me yesterday morning all packaged up in a beautiful sky blue envelope with the words 'Kokoh Bikini' written on them in white.

So here it is: My Kokoh Review and a look at the bikini bottoms I ordered from them.

I firstly want to just say how brilliant the ordering and delivery service is. When you order you get the opportunity to note down your Instagram name and once it is shipped they'll post a picture of the exact product you ordered. This I thought was a really lovely touch.

I was also so pleased at how fast they arrived. With the scheduled delivery drop being the 25th of January, I already thought that was pretty quick. It actually took a mere 5 days from ordering to actually getting my order. I don't even live in AUS! I live in NL as a student right now so that is damn fast in my book. It is also fully tracked so you get a real peace of mind while ordering with them.

So when I opened the gorgeous blue packaging and delved in I found my bottoms in this cute little baggie...

Aaaannndd inside were these gorgeous puppies ...

I know, I know. Stunning, right?

As you may be able to tell pattern placement varies on these bikini bottoms, but that just adds to how unique they are!

They also come with a beautiful postcard which doubles up as the returns form in the unlikely event that you don't like them. I would show you it but it is up on my wall as we speak.

I wont be trying them on for you guys just yet -- for a few different reasons (ie it's bloody cold, my butt is not quite as perkalicious as desired etc) but the biggest reason being that eventually I will do a huge try on bikini collection. What I will say is that these are gorgeous! I honestly have never felt a softer material of bikini bottom before and when I put them on it feels like silk is gracing my butt cheeks.

Oh yeah and these bad boys are definitely cheeky. Not thong-like per say but some cheekage is definitely on show.  In a V good way.

These are the Kaleidoscopic mandala scrunchies. They also have another cheeky version with braided sides and then a Hawaiian cut also if you're that way inclined. The scrunchies are probably the most full cover they get at Kokoh so I would say they are a good "beginner" cheeky cut with the relatively thick sides to make sure they stay put.

The reverse side is a white and yellow horizontal stripe but in all honestly, why wear the stripe side when you have a rainbow mandala print to wear?!

In terms of the sizing they fit me perfectly! - and I got a S. I range from a UK4 to a UK6 in bottoms but on average I more or less always come out as a 6. I would say that those who are an 8 could get an S too. If you are smaller than a 6 I would contact them with your dimensions and query it or even ask on Instagram and you're sure to get an answer! Their sizes range from an S-L covering a 6-14, these bottoms are very stretchy for comfort so they do cover a fair variety of sizes.

These amazing bottoms didn't come cheap as they were AUS $79 which is a lot to spend on one bikini piece. While it is a hella lot I must say that now I have them the quality is crazy good. It's like not wearing anything. Seriously. It feels like being butt naked. And no other bikini bottom has flattered my butt more (more about flattering shapes in an upcoming post). These bottoms make it look like even the least curviest of us have done their squats.

I would say if you have the money to spend and you either live by the beach or tend to go on a lot of holidays, then go for it and you wont regret it! I never thought I would say AUS $79 bikini bottoms are worth it, but to hell with it these ones really are.

You can check out their other bikini styles at their website here
And you should also go and follow their Insta page here

Comment below if you also love Kokoh and let me know what your fav style of theirs is! Also tell me what other brands I can check out are.

Enjoy your weekend my lovelies.

Monday, 18 January 2016

Motivational Monday || Body positivity vs Your New Years Resolutions

Put one hand up if you made a new years resolution to do with health/fitness/healthy eating etc. I know my hand is up, how about you? Now put another hand up if you also think being body positive is extremely important and want to put an end to body shaming etc. Again my other hand is up. Now keep both those hands raised and try to scroll through this post... just kidding.

In all seriousness, I had an experience this morning where I was getting some tea with my friends and I just happened to mention how much my thighs were burning after doing 120 squats yesterday. Then one of my friends said "I thought you were a body positive feminist, how come you're working out?". I thought about it for a minute and realised, maybe she was right. Am I a hypocrite?

I went home confused and chatted with my housemate. I got some really valuable feedback and now I have my thoughts more in order I have come to explain how you can be a body positive feminist while still advocating for a healthy lifestyle and working out.

Trends in body size and shape come and go, if you look over the past 50 years you'll see the IN thing will change. Following the 90s, the IN thing was to be willowy and have a minute angular body similar to those we see on catwalks today. Since then not too much has changed in the media's eyes of what counts as beautiful in a Western society. However, since the 90s we have seen an internet revolution and a rise in being fashionably relatable, it is more fashionable now to be that girl who eats junk food 24/7 and does nothing in the way of exercise. The focus in the media is still on being thin but now it's about just having the luck of genes on your side that you can abuse with junk because it's cooler now to be thin without trying hard for it.

In order to combat this we have also seen a rise of the mantra "bigger is beautiful too". Curvier women or women with larger frames are stepping forward and demanding that their body be praised too and that is great we should absolutely be praising any size any shape.

On top of that I also believe we should be preaching HEALTH. As much as I believe that everyone should love their body at any size I also believe that loving your body comes hand in hand with treating your body right and by that I mean eating a balanced diet, getting your 5 a day and exercising regularly. Obviously we all have some days where we eat some junk or cant be bothered to exercise but for that to be everyday is crazy and this isn't about being strict with yourself to lose weight.

HEALTH does not necessarily have a size. I feel that when I say health is the most important thing people assume health is synonymous with thin which is not the case at all. We are all different body types so preaching a size would be absolutely futile.

I am not a large or curvy woman by any stretch of the imagination. I'm a 19 year old who is quite petite all over. I am not toned and I get out of breath when I walk up a flight of stairs too fast. I have been through stages of not wanting to look at my body without clothes on and eating junk food because it gave me the burst of serotonin I wanted. I remember eating 2 dinners and at one point buying extra food at school on top of my lunches because I thought that would give me the curves I was picked on for not having. I was miserable, but now I love my body.

I love my body and I am going to put good whole, good foods into it. I love my body and I am going to look after it as it gets stronger with exercise. This is not me obsessively pushing myself to be something I am not. This is me looking after what I have and nurturing it to be the best it can be.

Yes, lets preach body positivity but lets also preach health because if you really loved your body you would damn well take care of it.

Have a happy week!

Sunday, 17 January 2016

I'm addicted to porn!

Yep, you read correctly. I'm addicted to porn. Bikini porn that is.

For the last 24 hours it has consumed me and I am a total convert. Somebody give me 12 steps to shake this bug!

Before this year bikinis used to be an absolute annoyance to me. I'm not a super padded 'kini fan and moulded cups never work for my small chest. In fact I am surprised moulded cups work for anyone since not everyone has perfectly circular breasts, but I digress. I also really hate triangle cup bikinis that just move around on a string and constantly give nip slips when the surf hits.
I have also been prone to body confidence issues. Not having much curve up top, having quite skinny legs and being surrounded by girls who continually made comments about my body left me thinking that bikinis were just an item that provided utility for me and couldn't make me feel confident.
Thankfully this year I have been introduced into a whole host of awesome bikini brands that have a different style which seems to really work.

In this post I thought I would share some of my favourite brands of the moment in a kind of wish-list post :) I hope you enjoy it.


The first brand I wanted to share with you is the first brand I stumbled across and that would be Moana bikini. Where do I even begin... Okay so Moana is an Australian brand (all the best are it seems) dedicated to producing high quality bikinis that are beautiful and cheeky. (Oh yeah I'm pretty much a cheeky bikini convert so if you're into full cover, maybe wait for another post of mine on high coverage bikinis- the good the bad and the nasty).
The styles are all really eye catching and unique and while the brand is an expensive one; rumour tells that they are entirely worth the splurge.

These photos were from the Moana blog but you should also check out their instagram page for more gorgeous pics. One piece (i.e a set of bottoms) will set you back around €46 (AU$75) which is a lot but worth saving up for. The designs show originality, people herald their comfort and they're reversible. That counts as 2 'kinis right?


Similar to Moana, Kokoh bikini is another brand boasting high quality, unique and cheeky bikinis. Another Australian brand, similar in price and again reversible. The difference in these bikinis is the prints.
Again these bikinis are raved about online for their comfort and ability to stay put when the waves hit. I took some photos from their instagram but you should go check out their page for some delicious shots.

I may have actually been extremely bad and ordered a pair of bikini bottoms from Kokoh in a state of cheeky induced delirium last night. When they arrive I will definitely do a try on review of them and the service from Kokoh... ** writes down in planner **


The last brand I want to rave about is Marmennill. A Danish brand that for now only sells bikini bottoms. This brand aims to celebrate the female form by creating a suit that will actually suit your butt. With dreamy, ombre colours these bottoms are bang on trend and if you aren't into super in-your-face patterns but don't want to forgo style then I highly suggest these. I can also imagine these suits looking great on a variety of skin tones. I am right now in face saving up for a pair myself. 
Again these suits don't come cheap and a pair will set you back around €65 euros which for just bottoms does receive a sharp intake of breath if you tell your mates about them. However, with bottoms this gorgeous is it really necessary to wear a top? #freethenipple Just kidding but you could easily pair these with a simple block colour top. 

Photos taken off the Marmennill website

Right now Marmennill are having a giveaway on Instagram  based on their new collection which is yet to be released. This new collection boasts reversible styles with even hotter colours. All you have to do is regram, come up with a funky name and make sure you tag the company and some friends. Simple! And for one of these bikinis I wouldn't hesitate. I mean it! GO GO GO!

And thus ends my escapism for today folks. It's been fun but I now have to get back to the real world. Keep an eye out for my next post which will be more grounded in reality I promise.


Well hello there everyone,

You have stumbled upon my blog. If you are a complete sun worshipper who regularly dreams of spending hours discovering paradise islands and swimming with tropical fish as your skin creates that gorgeous summer glow -- then please continue reading and come back regularly since you are all very welcome.

I had no intention 24 hours ago of starting a blog. I already have a YT channel under the handle GuavaGirly on which I sporadically upload. But, I was just on SkyScanner last night perusing some cheap summer deals and realised that I spend my whole life wishing it was summer.

This is probably common amongst you but everything I buy (and I shop a lot) is summery and has no utility in the winter. All the Instagram pages I follow are scantily clad beach girls making me jealous. I am addicted. It really doesn't help that I spend half my life in the Netherlands as a student and the other half in south east England with my family. I'm not even born in the summer I am a spring baby so where is this addiction coming from?? ...Well it could be the fact that in my childhood I was an island baby. I was born and lived in Hong Kong on one of the islands and whenever I go back to update my visa I feel free.

After a good few hours scrolling through Instagram last night and my discovery of my new favourite blog which is 'Bikinis Anonymous' by Madalyn Mitchell, I felt inspired and decided I would begin a blog based on my love for the sun and for the summer time. I'll probably be doing outfits of the day, recipes and idk just nice posts which I'll be happy to look back on and maybe you guys would like to read.

I hope you enjoy!

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